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Natsuno Yuuki's Story

Part 1 ~ Blood Heritage

Name Kanji (ゆう)()(なつ)()(へん) (だい)()()()

Yuuki Natsuno Hen Dai Noko Chi Wa

Volume 1
Release Date January 2008
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August 16, Tuesday, Butsumetsu

Preparations are baing made for Megumi 's funeral.  In Megumi's bedroom, Kaori finds a greeting card addressed to Natsuno, and begins to cry. 

Natsuno is at the highway, once again contemplating leaving the village for the city. Ritsuko, out walking her dog Tarou, happens by. They talk, and head back into town.  She calls him by his first name, 'Natsuno'. He mentions that he doesn't like his first name, because it sounds feminine. They come upon Tatsu and Oitarou, sitting in from of her stationery shop, gossiping as they do. Ritsuko says that she has to go, to be on time for the funeral.  Flashback to Megumi's bedside, where Dr. Ozaki laments her death. He wants an autopsy, but her parents refuse that. Natsuno asks Ritsuko why she doesn't leave the village. She has a sudden vision of him as an evil spirit, wearing a parka, with dark, lifeless eyes. She responds that she couldn't leave her family.  

Kaori cries for Megumi

At the funeral, Kaori sees Natsuno. She starts crying again, and gives him the postcard which Megumi had written to him, but had failed to send. She is stunned when he refuses to accept it, and heads home instead of joining the funeral procession. At the burial, Kaori weeps softly for Megumi, as she listens to the village gossip about her continue even after her death. She imagines the ground sucking her down into the grave. She talks to Megumi's parents, calling them auntie, and uncle. She had bought a present for Megumi's pending birthday, and buries it there with Megumi. 

August 17, Wednesday, Taian

At the Ozaki hospital, it is learned that Yasumori Giichi has died. He was old; bedridden with parkinson's disease. The family had assembled for the bon festival, but now would hold his funeral. Dr. Ozaki gets the report on Megumi's blood test.  He expected mycrocytic anemia, caused by iron deficiency. Instead, it was normocytic anemia, caused by trauma-induced sudden blood loss, yet she had no such injury, leaving him stumped. 

Natsuno chats with Ritsuko

August 21, Sunday, Senbu

For several days, Tae Yano has been bringing food for Fuki Gotouda, who is despondent over the deaths of her son Shuuji, brother Hidemasa, and sister-in-law Mieko. On Sunday, Tae finds Fuki dead.  Dr. Ozaki begins to realize that something terrible is happening. When the temple is informed, Seishin Muroi becomes concerned, and visits Dr. Ozaki at the hospital. He asks if a plague has struck the city.

August 23, Tuesday, Taian

Natsuno does his math homework with the window open.  He remembers how he used to close it, when Megumi would hide in the forest, to peer at him through the window. He gets a strange feeling that someone is watching him now, and closes the window.

August 24, Wednesday, Shakku

Councilman Ishida phones Dr. Ozaki to find out what is going on.  The total number of deaths is 10. There were three in the city hospital that Dr. Ozaki didn't know about. Dr. Ozaki doesn't have time to discuss; another patient has come in. It's Nao Yasumori, suffering from extreme fatigue. 

August 25, Thursday, Senshou

A shadowy figure can be seen in the woods outside Natsuno's room. It's Megumi.

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