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Yuuki Natsuno's Story

Part 13 ~ Tragedy

Name Kanji
Volume 8
Release Date January 2010
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October 23, Sunday, Senbu

As the villagers are overheard reahearsing for the Kagura dance, Dr. Ozaki and Natsuno discuss plans for their revolt against the shiki. Natsuno reveals that the shiki are beginning to move into the now vacant houses in the village. They make an agreement that the goal is total annihilation of all the shiki, including Natsuno himself, but that until their plans come to fruition, they will have to watch others continue to die.

Megumi meets with Yoshi Tanaka, who is glum over the people he has killed. He blames her for his sadness. She brushes him off, telling him that the ones he killed were people kidnapped from the city, but that now he is on his own, and must find his own food. She advises that he go after his own family, for they ought to rise as shiki.

October 24, Monday, Butsumetsu

Yoshi thinks wistfully of his old life, as he gazes at his house. The dog, Luv, begins to bark, bringing Sachiko to the door. As Yoshi attacks, he realizes the truth is that he hates her.

Yoshi & Megumi

October 26, Wednesday

Kaori and Akira are late, discovering that their mother hasn't awakened them. They find her tired, in the dreamy stupor of those about to die. Kaori starts to cry, seeing this as more of Megumi's work. Akira sets her to crafting stakes from old lumber, while he heads off to Mizo to fetch talismans and amulets. They aren't going down without a fight. On the way, he overhears Tatsu Takemura and Oitarou Satou discussing how lively their father's funeral was. He gets in an argument with them over their complacency with the situation in the village. Oitarou mentions that there appears to be someone living in Ikumi's house after they have all died there, and that Maeda Iwao has been seen in town. Akira perks up at this information. He tells Kaori that he is going there to take up the fight. He finds the house all boarded up -- from the inside. Smashing his way in, he discovers Maeda sleeping. As he is about to drive a stake into the man's chest, Tatsumi grabs Akira from behind. He awakens at dusk, bound and gagged. Maeda then awakens, sees Akira, and smiles.

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