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Natsuno Yuuki's Story

Part 4 ~ Death

Name Kanji 結城夏野編 第死話

"Yūki Natsuno Hen, Dai Shi Wa"

Volume 2
Release Date April 2008
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Akira goes on and on to his sister Kaori about the deaths in the village, a topic which she finds distressing. She tells him to stop talking about it.

The nurses at the Ozaki Clinic gossip about the junior monk.

Tooru fixes Natsuno's bike

Natsuno muses about life in the village. His family became the subject of much gossip when they moved here a here ago. He first met Tooru one day after getting a flat tire on his bike. He was walking it home when Tooru saw him and offered to fix it. Natsuno somewhat reluctantly became friends with him, and go to know Tooru's younger sister Aoi, and younger brother Tamotsu as well.

September 12, Monday, Tomobiki

Dr. Ozaki gets a call from the hospital in Mizobe. Mikiyasu has passed away. The doctor calls a meeting of all the clinic staff to explain what he knows about the epidemic. There is much technical discussion of the symptoms, and possible diagnoses. Anyhow, because the cause of the illness is unknown, the government's health administration will be slow to respond. He then advises that they will be keeping this topic confidential.

Seishin has a motor scooter! He rides it to Masaji Shimizu, who operates a local garden center, to pay respects for his son Ryuuji, who just passed away. Seishin is investigating the recent deaths on Dr. Ozaki's behalf. Next he visits Masaharu Koike to inquire about the death of Takatoshi Hirosawa. After that he goes to the liquor store. The owner, Tomio Ookawa, is screaming at everyone, as he always does. Ookawa gets a phone call from one of the employees, Yasuzou Muramatsu, who's daughter has just passed away. Yasuzou gets screamed at. Atsushi gets punched in the face again.

September 16, Friday, Shakku

After his nighttime vision of Megumi, Natsuno has been sleeping better, convinced that he is imagining things.

September 17, Saturday, Senbu

Tamotsu and Aoi concerned for their brother

Natsuno visits Tooru. Dr. Ozaki has just arrived there. Tooru is dead.

At home later that day, Natsuno's mother has mail for him. The greeting card has arrived from Megumi; the one Kaori tried to give him after Megumi died. He realizes that this means it wasn't a dream - she really has risen from the grave to kill Tooru. He goes to the window and tears up the card, throwing the pieces outside.


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