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Chizuru Kirishiki
Name Kanji (きり)(しき) ()(づる) Kirishiki Chizuru
Race Human (Originally)
Age 30
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Personal Status
Occupation Housewife (Formerly)
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyū Orikasa Ai
Voice Actor Lydia Mackay

Chizuru Kirishiki (桐敷 千鶴 Kirishiki Chizuru) was the wife of Seishirou Kirishiki and the adopted mother of Sunako Kirishiki due to the latter being older in terms of life. Her carelessness exposed the existence of the Shiki to the villagers and her subsequent death at their hands sparked the war between the Humans and Shiki.


Chizuru has light banana yellow/blonde hair, pale skin, and hollow black eyes.


She is Sunako´s mother but in reality Sunako is more like younger than her in terms of being a vampire. She is a free spirited and flirtatious woman. Tatsumi noted she was going to endanger the family sooner or later with her free minded ways but Sunako was very lenient with her. She prefers young men as "food".



Chizuru never had any children as her first husband left for war soon after they were married. He died in a battle in the south.

Life in Sotoba

She is the one who killed Megumi who rose as a Shiki a few days later. She targets Ozaki Toshio and sucks his blood with Seishirou's aid. However, her hypnotism doesn't work on him, as Toshio has already been bitten by Natsuno who ordered him to always make things by his own will, so Chizuru's orders only take second priority.

November 4th

At 11 o'clock Seishirou Kirishiki shot the projector that projected that crisscross patterns. Seishirou, holding a gun, tells Toshio not to move. Chizuru Kirishiki is also with him.

Seishirou tells Toshio to raise his hands. He knows that he can't do anything to a human with a gun and instead runs to the phone. Chizuru warns him that even if he calls the police, only Sasaki could come. Instead, he calls Miwako Muroi and asks for Seishin Muroi. Upset, she tells him that she can't find him anywhere.

Chizuru starts snickering and Toshio asks if she's captured him, but she says that he went to their home on his own. He slams the phone on the floor and realizes that he must have surrendered himself to the shiki.

Chizuru says that he must be shocked and asks if he'll forgive him. He says that that's absurd. His choice was stupid but he made it because that's who he is. That it was much better than not making any choice at all, like most of the other villagers. He says the villagers know, but they pretend not to notice and just hope that someone else will do something. He says that he's tired of it.

She asks if she can bite him, and he says to do whatever she wants. She tells him to destroy all the data he has on them, to correct all the records in medical cards so that they state no one had died in the village, and that afterwards he will surrender himself to them. He accepts.

November 5th

Toshio shows Chizuru Kirishiki the new records as she happily listens to the flute music from the festival. She's happy with his work and says that Sunako will be happy too.

She wishes out loud that all the villagers were shiki already so she could walk freely in the village, shopping and chatting on the way, playing house. He asks if that what they want. She says yes, that they want a safe head-quarters and that they'll have it soon. He asks if it's really going so smoothly and she says that the next step will be the hardest, but since they now have his cooperation, there shouldn't be any more problems.

Toshio says they should go out on a date. She's shocked and asks him to repeat himself. He says they he'll be dead soon enough and asks her to indulge him before the end. As she's interested in the festival anyway. She says she is but since it's religious she can't. He says they can just not go to the main place of celebration, and that it'll be fun. She agrees and says that it's boring to hide all the time anyway.

He bandages her hand so it doesn't look suspicious to walk together without reason. He tells her to say that she was peeling a small potato and the knife slipped. Ebuchi was away, so she came to him instead.

She happily thinks of before she was a shiki and she cut herself peeling one. She tells Toshio that she was married and had no children because he died before she could have on in a battle somewhere in the south. She wonders if she could actually want to be human, as she thought she'd forgotten such things. She says that they should get going.

At 7pm, Kazuko Ookawa is outside putting sake out for the festival. She notices them walking through the street happily, as do some other villagers. They both greet her and Toshio introduces Chizuru. They tell her the made up story and Kazuko laughs. She was worried that she'd be strange. She asks about her health, since she can't go into the sunlight. They have a nice conversation and she thinks that she is a cutie. Atsushi Ookawa and Seishirou Kirishiki watch from a distance.

As she went along, many people had conversations with her that put their minds at ease.

As they get closer and closer to the main area of the festival, she becomes more and more uncomfortable. He asks her to keep going and she agrees as he holds her hand, causing her to blush. She says not to force her to, though, but she realizes that he couldn't anyway.

As they cross the bridge, Munehide Murasako greets them and explains the situation. He tells him that it seems that she isn't feeling that well. She suggests that they turns back, though it seems fun and says she'll go on a little more. Toshio asks him to stand by her other side, since it's so crowded.

Takeo Shimizu, Hiroko Shimizu, Hirosawa, Masaki Tashiro, and Sadaichi Tamo greet them as they cross the bridge. Sadaichi says that they should check out the kagura, as do other villagers.

Chizuru is extremely uncomfortable now and feels terrified. She turns to leave but Toshio grabs her arm. He tells her to rest at the temple momentarily but she orders him to go now. He asks Takeo Shimizu to help him. He apologizes for what he said when his daughter died and Toshio says its fine. He says that it's important that they take her to the shrine and he grabs her. Feeling that she's incredible cold, he's shocked.

She again orders him to take her back but he again ignores her and tells others that they must get her to the shrine quickly. She realizes that he tricked her and tried to get away from him. Takeo begins to recognize her perfume as what he smelled in Megumi's room. Toshio whispers to him to not let her escape as she's the one who killed his daughter.

He grabs her hair and pulls her back and Toshio yells to check her pulse, as they might have to call the ambulance. He does and there isn't one. People are gathering around and he yells that she killed her daughter. Tomio Ookawa says that's crazy, but he yells that she has no pulse. Tomio grabs her arm and confirms what he said and that she's cold. Hiroko tries to listen to her heartbeat and there isn't one. More and more people swarm her and start to question what she is.

As Toshio happily smiles to himself until he hears Atsushi Ookawa and Seishirou Kirishiki drive up in their car. Atsushi yells to let go of her and drives the car into the crowd. Tomio stops the car with his hands and the villagers realize that he's come back to life as well. Atsushi turns the car around as he realizes that he can't beat his father.

Realizing what she is, the villagers start throwing rocks at her as she tries to escape. One of the villagers managed to hit her on the head knocking her out. They think she's dead, but Toshio explains that they have to be staked to die. Chizuru wakes up and tries to bite him but Tomio slams her head back down. Takeo Shimizu stakes her to death as she begs for her life.

The End


Toshio lures Chizuru out on a date with him to the village's festival. There, he exposes her nature as a Shiki, and together with Megumi's father and Mr. Ookawa, impales and kills Chizuru. Her death starts the all-out war between the villagers and the Shiki's.

People Killed


Seishirou Kirishiki

Chizuru and Seishirou

Chizuru killed Seishirou's parents. After he finds her body, he remarks that she could never match wits with Dr. Ozaki.

Family Tree

Mr. Kirishiki
Mrs. Kirishiki
Ex Husband

Anime Appearances


  • The name Chizuru means "thousand" (千) (chi) and "crane, stork" (鶴) (tsuru/zuru).
    • An ancient Japanese legend stated that a person who could fold one thousand origami cranes by himself within one year would be granted eternal good luck or one wish.
  • Chizuru's surname Kirishiki means "paulownia" (桐) (kiri) and "spread, pave, sit, promulgate" (敷) (shiki).


  • Chizuru had light brown hair when she was alive.
  • In Episode 18, it was revealed that Chizuru is the one that killed Megumi Shimizu as Takeo Shimizu commented that Chizuru's perfume was in Megumi's room every night until she died, but it was hinted that she killed her in Megumi's dreams (Episode 1).
    • She was also seen in the hallucination Megumi was having before she died.
  • Chizuru only drank the blood of younger men and as a result, she targeted Toshio and developed a crush on him.



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