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Eighteenth Night
Name Kanji (だい)()()() Dai tō to ya wa
Opening Calendula Requiem
Ending Gekka Reijin
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Wednesday, November 2, Senshou

Yasuyuki and Takatoshi dig fresh graves for the dead who have not risen up. 

Thursday, October 3, Butsumetsu

Tatsumi visits Natsuno Koide's house, where Natsuno's crazed father runs up and stabs him with a knife after opening the front door. He then has a talk with Natsuno explaining that Natsuno has turned into a jinrou, a rare type of shiki and that he is one also. Tatsumi then says that Akira had disappeared after being tied up but Natsuno has no recollection of that happening. He gets enraged and strangles Natsuno and almost kills him, but then tells Natsuno that he should join them or be killed.

Friday, November 4, Taian

Atsushi has some fun driving around with Chizuru.  Megumi and Masao wonder why Yoshie doesn't put a stop to it. Yoshie is seen explaining to Tooru that Sunako lets Chizuru get away with a lot, and that Sunako feels like a mother towards Chizuru. Ritsuko rises up as a shiki and remembers how she died, when Yoshie and Tooru come inside to explain what has happened to her. She refuses to get dressed, and says that she would rather starve. She recalls how her mother and sister had that look of humans who had been bitten and were soon to die. Tooru appears regretful that he chose instead to attack the living.

Saturday, November 5, Shakku

Oitarou rushes to tell Tatsu that Takeko has died, but Tatsu gets on a bus and is gone.

Dr. Ozaki lies in bed struggling after being bitten by Chizuru. Her attack means that he has been hypnotized into following her every command. Later, Ozaki meets her, bringing the records that she ordered him to rewrite to hide the death toll caused by the shiki. She is very pleased, and lets him take her to the Kagura festival. There, she meets the rest of the villagers. They say hello to Kazuko, then greet several other villagers. She becomes frightened as they near the temple, and she turns to leave. Ozaki grabs her arm, and she sees the bite marks on his arm, meaning he is on someone else's control than her. It turns out to be a trap set up by Ozaki and she is exposed as a shiki. Megumi's father Takeo recognizes her perfume as a scent that lingered in Megumi's room as she lay dying. The villagers then move in to kill her, when suddenly Seishirou and Atsushi drive up, with Seishirou bearing a shotgun, in order to save her, but are abruptly stopped by Atsushi's father Tomio, and chased away. Chizuru finds herself trapped and unable to escape as the villagers approach her.

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