Eighteenth Death
Name Kanji (だい)()()() Dai tō to ya wa
Opening Calendula Requiem
Ending Moonlight Beauty
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Tatsumi visits Natsuno Koide's house, where Natsuno's half crazed father runs up and stabs him with a knife after opening the front door. He then has a talk with Natsuno saying that Natsuno has turned into a werewolf, a rare type of shiki and that he is one also. Tatsumi then says that Akira had disappeared after being tied up but Natsuno has no recollection of that happening. He gets enraged and strangles Natsuno and almost kills him, but then tells Natsuno that he should join them or be killed.

Later Ritsuko rises up as a shiki and remembers how she died while Tooru Mutou and Yoshie come inside to see her. Ozaki is then seen lying in bed struggling after being bitten by Chizuru. Later, Ozaki takes Chizuru to the Kagura festival where she meets the rest of the villagers, but it turns out to be a trap set up by Ozaki and she is exposed as a shiki. The villagers then proceed to kill her when suddenly Seishirou and Atsushi barge in with a sniper rifle in order to save her but are abruptly stopped by Atsushi's father and chased away. Chizuru finds herself trapped and unable to escape as the villagers approach her.

Name Kanji (だい)()()() Dai Ichi Wa
Opening Calendula Requiem
Ending Moonlight Beauty
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