Eighth Night
Name Kanji (だい)()() Dai Ya Wa
Opening Kuchizuke
Ending Walk no Yakusoku
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Eighth Night is episode 8 of the Shiki anime series.


Sunako and Seishin discuss the loneliness of being forsaken by God.

Friday, September 30, Tomobiki

Natsuno, Kaori and Akira dig up Megumi's coffin, finding it empty, confirming their suspicions. Kaori is suddenly grabbed by someone (Takatoshi Hirosawa) and dragged into the forest, but she manages to repel him using the good-luck charm she gave to Megumi. Natsuno then takes out the attacker with a shovel. They realize that the man had no body heat prior to being "killed", meaning he's one of the shiki. They partially bury him in Megumi's grave, hoping the adults will take notice.

Saturday, October 1, Senpu

In the morning, the three return to the forest and discover that the grave covered back up, and the body gone. Natsuno decides to finish off old lady Motohashi, who just died from the "illness", if she arises from her grave.

Seishin ponders Dr. Ozaki's proposal that the dead are rising, and suspects that Sunako is one of the risen, by her speech and her genetic illness.

While Natsuno is still away from home, a young girl, Shizuka Matsuo, wearing a kindergarten uniform and using a bunraku puppet to talk, shows up at his house and asks her parents to let her in, and claiming to know Natsuno. Natsuno's father is suspicious of the girl. However, he reluctantly invites her in due to his wife's persuasions. Then, the girl, whose eyes glow ominously, asks to wait in Natsuno's room.

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