Eleventh Slaughter
Name Kanji 第悼と悲屠話 Dai tō to hito (jūichi) wa
Opening Kuchizuke
Ending Walk no Yakusoku
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Ikumi Itou, the village shaman, receives a revelation that the deaths in the village are due to the newcomers at Kanemasa.

Tuesday, October 4, Shakku

Tokujirou Yasumori gets the news that Setsuko has passed away. The nurses discuss this turn of events. Ritsuko comments that the doctor's previously emotional demeanor has turned cold today. Towada phones to say that he is quitting work at the clinic.

Takae Ozaki hears that a competing medical clinic has opened by the highway. Kyouko Ozaki has Tatsumi in for a drink.

Yuuki, at the coffee shop with Hirosawa and Masaki Tashiro, wonders whether there is an epidemic. Toshio Ozaki drops in. He was invited so they could ask him about the deaths. He won't talk about it, only telling them he would cremate any family members that die.

Ikumi tells her daughter that the people at Kanemasa are okiagari, the local term for the risen dead. She heads to town to warn everyone, but is mocked. She is chased off from the liquor store by Tomio Ookawa and Atsushi

Wednesday, October 5, Senpu

Toshio digs up Setsuko's body. He tells Seishin how he plans a series of experiments on her if she rises from the dead. They argue over the ethics killing okiagari, who are, nevertheless, living beings. Seishin tells Sunako that she knows her secret.

Thursday, October 6, Butsumetsu

Today, Ikumi manages to attract a crowd of followers. They confront Toshio demanding the truth. He denies anything to do with okiagari, but agrees to check them out at Kanemasa mansion. At the mansion, Seishirou Kirishiki - Sunako and Tatsumi's purported father - explains why his wife and daughter can't go outside during the daytime. Toshio checks Seishirou's pulse; Mr. Kirishiki has a normal pulse, body temperature, and respiration. That night, the shaman is tricked into leaving her house so the shiki can get rid of her.

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