Fifth Deceit
Name Kanji (だい)(いつ)() Dai Itsu Wa
Opening Kuchizuke
Ending Walk no Yakusoku
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Natsuno wakes up in the morning but discovers Tohru is seemingly unharmed. Seishin goes to interview family and friends of the deceased and learns that a number of them quit their jobs right before they died. He attempts to contact the local librarian but is told he has resigned as well. Natsuno learns that Tohru has not come to school since the day he last saw him. He goes to his home and is shocked to see Tohru pronounced dead by Toshio. He realizes that his nightmare is real and tears up Megumi's postcard when he receives it. Masao gets into a quarrel with his family over his nephew Hiromi, who is sick. He goes to Tohru's funeral and finds Natsuno paying his last respects to Tohru. Later, he tries to provoke Natsuno into a fight, but is stopped and driven away by Tohru's siblings. Masao goes home and sees a man in white entering his house's courtyard, but when he looks around, the man is gone. As Masao enters his house he is attacked by the man in white, who is revealed to be the librarian and a vampire.

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