Fifth Deceit
Name Kanji (だい)(いつ)() Dai Itsu Wa
Opening Kuchizuke
Ending Walk no Yakusoku
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Natsuno wakes up after a vision of Megumi attacking Tooru in the night. He discovers Tohru is unharmed, so it was only a dream.

Tuesday, September 13, Senpu

Seishin takes a tour through town to interview family and friends of the deceased. He begins with Masaji Shimizu, who operates a local garden center, to pay respects for his son Ryuuji. Next he visits Masaharu Koike to inquire about the death of Takatoshi Hirosawa. Then it's off to see Munehide Murasako. He learns that a number of them quit their jobs right before they died. After that he goes to the liquor store. The owner, Tomio Ookawa, is screaming at everyone. His son Atsushi gets smacked in the face again. Ookawa gets a phone call from one of the employees, Yasuzou Muramatsu, who's daughter has just passed away. Yasuzou gets screamed at.

Natsuno learns that Tohru has not come to school since the day he last saw him.

Saturday, September 17, Senshou

Natsuno goes to Tooru's home and is shocked to see Tooru pronounced dead by Toshio. He worries that his nightmare was real. His mother then delivers the postcard from Megumi, the one he refused from Kaori. It has tear stains on it. He goes to the window and tears it up.

Masao gets into a quarrel with his family over his nephew Hiromi, who is sick. He goes to Tohru's funeral and finds Natsuno paying his last respects to Tohru. Later, he tries to provoke Natsuno into a fight, but is stopped and driven away by Tohru's siblings. Masao goes home and sees a man in white entering his family's courtyard, but when he looks around, the man is gone. As Masao enters his house he is attacked by the man in white, Yuzuki the librarian.

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