First Blood
Name Kanji (だい)()()() Dai Ichi Wa
Opening Kuchizuke
Ending Walk no Yakusoku
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Tuesday, August 2, Shakku

Megumi Shimizu takes a walk around the village of Sotoba, ruminating about how she deeply hates the village, and wants to live in the city.  The villagers Oitarou Satou and Yaeko Ootsuka are gossipping as usual, and make fun of her. Tatsu Takemura, is there as well.  Takeko Hirosawa tells about the destruction of several jizo statues in town.  Megumi thinks about how the only things she really cares about is the big house on the hill, and Natsuno (Yuuki) Koide. Sometimes she lurks in the bushes outside his house, trying to catch a glimpse of him in the window. A tractor passes her on the road, dirtying her with soot.

Saturday, August 6, Butsumetsu

In the Yamairi area, Mieko Murasako and Hidemasa Murasako have been found dead. Police officer Takami questions junior monk Seishin Muroi. That morning, he was in upper Sotoba to perform the rites for Shuuji Gotouda, who has passed away with what they surmise was a summer cold. Afterwards he went to visit Shuuji's relatives in Yamairi and found Shuuji's aunt and uncle dead in their house. He ran next door to borrow the phone, where he found Gigorou Ookawa also dead. Oddly, Mieko's body is still fresh, although the other two have decayed extensively for several days. Dr. Toshio Ozaki discusses the deaths with Seishin.

Monday, August 8, Tomobiki

Kaori Tanaka walks to school with Megumi and her brother Akira. Megumi has to attend summer school, and Kaori is going there for practice. Megumi gets frustrated by their rustic behaviour, and runs off. She meets Natsuno at the bus stop, but he ignores her. She has written a summer card for him, can can't bring herself to post it or hand it to him.

Tuesday, August 9, Senpu

A moving company van arrives in the dead of night at the roadside restaurant Chigusa. Tatsumi is driving, and needs directions to the Kanamasa area of Sotoba. Shopkeeper Kanami Yano gives them directions, her mother Tae looking on from the window. 

Thursday, August 11, Taian

While villagers Oitarou SatouYaeko OotsukaTakeko Hirosawa, and Tatsu Takemura gossip about the newcomers, Megumi heads up the road to their mansion. Kaori was out walking her dog Love, and told Megumi about the new people. She is greeted at the gate by Seishirou. Later, Kaori's mother Sachiko gets a phone call asking about Megumi, who has not made it home.  Kaori says that Megumi was going to Kanemasa. Word spreads that Megumi is missing, and liquor-store owner Tomio Ookawa organizes a search party, bringing his son AtsushiTakeshi Mutou and Natsuno's father Yuuki join the search. Officer Takami goes to Kanemasa to inquire about Megumi.  Tatsumi says that they haven't seen her, and joins the search

Friday, August 12, Shakku

The search for Megumi goes on through the night.  They discover her lying catatonic in the woods. Toshio examines Megumi and only finds her to be suffering from anemia, with insect bites her only injury.

Saturday, August 13, Senshou

Kaori is walking Love, and sees the lady from Kanemasa, Chizeru, talking to Yasuyuki from the lumber mill. Megumi has a flashback of meeting Chizeru as well. 

Monday, August 15, Senpu

Dr. Ozaki gets a phone call. Megumi is dead.

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