Fourth Death
Name Kanji (だい)()() Dai Shi Wa
Opening Kuchizuke
Ending Walk no Yakusoku
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Akira and his sister Kaori sit on the steps enjoying some watermelon. He goes on about the deaths in the village, until she bursts into tears.

Monday, August 29, Taian

Munehide Murasako phones Seishin and lets him know that Kenji Oota has passed away. That makes 12 on Seishin's list of the dead. Masaki Tashiro then phones to say that officer Takami has died as well. 

Natsuno goes to bed each night wary of a presence peering at him through his windows.

Thursday, September 1, Tomobiki

Ritsuko has lunch at the coffee shop, and Masaki is there, and tells her that Takami died, with his family suddenly moving away without saying their goodbyes. Ritsuko remembers that the Shinoda family also moved away when one of their kin died, and coincidentally, they employed the same mover company, using what looks like Tatsumi's van. Takami was already replaced by another officer named Sasaki.

September 7, Wednesday, Senbu

Toshio is called to perform resuscitation on Mikiyasu's son, Susumu. He notices that Mikiyasu is also suffering from early symptoms of the illness. Toshio tells Seishin over the phone that Susumu is indeed suffering from anemia just like the other victims. Unfortunately, both father and son's condition is too late to be saved.

Seishin wanders into the forest and encounters Sunako going out for a walk. Sunako tells him that she suffers from a disease that makes it too dangerous for her to be exposed in sunlight.

September 12, Monday, Tomobiki

Toshio gathers the hospital staff and announces that nineteen have died since September 10th, with Mikiyasu being the latest victim. They discuss the possible causes and plan to put up a report for the Public Health Department.

Riding the bus back from school, Natsuno hallucinates that Megumi is there with him. He can't sleep because of all these images of Megumi and requests to stay at Tooru's place. At night, Natsuno senses Megumi and Tatsumi's presence. He has a vision of her slithering out from under the bed, baring fangs, and then biting Tooru on the neck.

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