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Masao Murasako
Name Kanji 村迫正雄, Murasako Masao
Race Shiki
Age 17[1]
Status Deceased
Gender Male
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 3
Seiyū Shinya Takahashi
Voice Actor Todd Haberkorn
""You're cold, Natsuno. I heard you wouldn't even accept a keepsake after Shimizu died.""
―Masao to Natsuno Koide[src]


A 17-year-old villager. He's friends with the Mutou siblings (especially Tooru) and hates Natsuno. Masao is an insensitive, cowardly individual who has a childish demand for everyone's attention; his sister-in-law notes that he hates his nephew, Hiromi, because before his birth Masao was always the one spoiled by the family. Consequentially, he has become overly selfish and narcissistic individual who sees himself as the centre of the universe, and, when things go wrong for him, he always sees himself as the victim of others. Suddenly deprived of the family's attention by the arrival of Hiromi, Masao hates no longer being the center of the family and has become incredibly jealous of Hiromi.

His extreme selfishness and lack of self-awareness also get in the way of his self-expression and ability to interact with others, as he often says or does terribly inappropriate things at the worst possible moment, a key example of this being Tooru's funeral. Taking his anger and grief at his friend's death out on Natsuno, Masao attempts to provoke him without realising how horribly inappropriate he was being. Eventually, Tooru's sister yells at him to get out, and Masao does not understand why.

It is implied that Masao's unlikeable personality is partially the result of his upbringing, as his family initially pampered and spoiled him, and then suddenly transferred all of that to Hiromi, to the point of neglecting Masao. They do not even notice Masao slowly dying from regularly being drained of blood because they are so focused on Hiromi.


Masao's family decides to take Hiromi to the clinic, Masao is jealous as he doesn't think they care nearly as much when he's sick. The rest of his family drives away in the car as he waves goodbye to them.

Later that night, his family returns home. They had just ran tests, even though it took a long time. Masao's brother and father worry among themselves about him.

Masao says that Chizuko looks as pale as Hiromi. So he must have actually been sick and not just looking for attention. He says that it's kind of scary, with all the deaths recently.

Munehide tells him to watch his mouth, but Masao says he's just telling the truth. People have been dying and it's not like their family should be any different. Munehide, more angrily, tells him to watch himself. Munetaka angry as well, tells him that Hiromi will be fine. Masao says that he's just saying, and it's better to be prepared. No matter what, everyone's going to die one day, adding it's a matter of probability.

Munehide suddenly slaps him and asks him what kind of a heartless monster he is. he says that it's, of course not what he thinks, that someone else might say. His father still storms away. Munetaka says that he disgusts him.

Masao runs out of the house crying, blaming Hiromi and Chika.

He joins Tooru's wake. He tries to give his condolences to Aoi and Tamotsu, but he can't think of what to say, but Natsuno interrupts him and asks them where his body is. He watches as Natsuno gives his condolences and begins to wail loudly after seeing Tooru's face.

Afterwards, Masao reminisces to Aoi and Tamotsu about Tooru until he notices Natsuno sitting there.

He walks up to Natsuno and asks how he could so so heartless not to cry. Natsuno tells him to just go away. Masao grabs his tie and says that he's not going anywhere. Natsuno says that if he wants to fight, he'd be happy to oblige later, but not here or now and says to behave himself.

Masao says that he doesn't have to listen; he's older. Natsuno says that he should act like it then. Masao starts to argue again, but Aoi cuts in.

Aoi tells him to leave. He doesn't understand why she'd be mad at him, and not Natsuno for being cold. She says that he's the one being cold. He doesn't understand how she could think that as he's said he's sad over and over. She says what about how sad they are. Tooru was not his brother. Masao says Tooru was like a brother to him, but a lot better than the one he had. She can't believe how selfish he's being and tearfully asks if he come to console or be consoled.

Masao runs out again back to his home. Saying that he doesn't need them anymore. As he goes to the back door as the front one is locked, he notices Yuzuki but he suddenly disappears.

As he opens the door, Yuzuki jumps out and attacks him. Masao think that he remembers him from the library.

After being attacked, no one tended to him because Hiromi Murasako died. Aoi Mutou and Tamotsu Mutou come to offer their condolences for Hiromi and apologize for telling him off the other day. First he is mad because he assumes that they just came because of Hiromi's wake and feels like everyone hates him. They ask him to open the door, but he can't because he's too weak. He didn't want them to go because he's scared of the librarian coming to his room again at night.

At night, he is compelled to open the door, even though he doesn't want to. The librarian tells him not to tell anyone and when he comes the next day to let him. He can't disobey, and this continues for four nights without his family noticing. Finally, he couldn't take a full breath. It was so painful that he tried to tear out his own throat. When his life came to an end, he felt as if an eternity passed in a moment. On September 20th, he died alone.

September 21st

Masao was shown to still be in bed.

September 28th

On the 28th of September, he awakens in a shack. Tatsumi is there and teaches him how to talk properly and about how his life has changed. He tells him that he's special for rising, unlike Hiromi and that he's their valued comrade. He is very happy to hear this. He gives him the choice of feeding on a young boy or a cup. He quickly changes his kind demeanour, though, and threatens to kill him if he crosses him. He chooses the cup of blood and couldn't attack anyone for a few days.

He tries to talk to Shizuka Matsuo, but she teases him about being a hatchling and tells him to wait for someone to bring him blood. He listens as Tatsumi explain his plan about the attack on Ozaki clinic and killing Natsuno. He thinks about how he'd like to do it, but thinks that he couldn't and that Tatsumi's too scary anyway.

He's bitten by the Shiki-turned-librarian of Sotoba and also becomes a Shiki. On the night of the start of the revolution of the villagers against the Shiki, he begs to Megumi to run away with him, and Megumi immediately refuses, noting  that he only wants her to come along in order not to be the only one who disobeys the Kirishiki's orders. In the anime, Masao, during the time of the human mob, attempts to 


run to his sister for cover, yet she beats him over the head with an iron pole and then proceeds to stake his chest.

In the manga, Masao tries to seek refuge as the shiki extermination continues. After he first thinks about his father and brother, he concedes that only his sister will help him. When he arrives home, he pleads to his niece, Chika, to allow him inside. Thinking she is alone, he plots to feed on her and his family, thinking he can assume control over them. As he enters the house, Chizuko incapacitates Masao after she throws a cleaver at his head. As he lays hurt, Chizuko reprimands him as she proceeds to stake him.


Hiromi Murasako

"Always pampering the little brat."

As Masao's father was quite old when he had him, Masao's been coddled most of his life as soon as Hiromi was born, the family doted on him, making him envious. He is said to bully him and Hiromi often has bruises.[2]

Chizuko Murasako

"" I don't get along very well with my sister in law Chizuko""

It is said by his brother that she often covers up for Masao. They don't have a good relationship, and Masao assumes it started when he was young. After asking why she liked his brother, he says that there is no way for her to like Masao, as he's very different than him. He hopes that she'll reply that she does like him, she instead replies that she doesn't know him that well yet. He knows that she was just holding herself back.[3]

In the end, Chizuko is the one who stakes Masao.[4]

Tooru Mutou

""Tooru was a really nice guy a genuinely good person when our ball went into the liquor store's yard Tooru had offered to go get it knowing full well the old man would lay into him.""
―Masao About Tooru[src]

They were friends since childhood. They used to go fishing together. He felt like Tooru was like an older brother too him, and that he was kinder than his real brother ever was to him. [5]After seeing him as a shiki, Masao is very happy that they're together again, though Tooru's more concerned that he might have killed Natsuno Koide.

Natsuno Koide

""Are you really inconsiderate or is something just really wrong with you""
―Masao to Natsuno[src]

Masao hates Natsuno with a passion. During Tooru's wake, Masao picks a fight with Natsuno, but Natsuno just tells him to not start a fight. When he hears from Yoshie Kurahashi that he could have been cremated, he is very happy.

Megumi Shimizu

"We could run away together."

Megumi and Masao were not on the best terms. Though Masao tried again and again to get Megumi's admiration, in the end his efforts proved futile. When he rejoiced at when Yuuki was cremated, Megumi beat him up, and when he tried getting Megumi to go along with his efforts to run away, she blew him off. Like Megumi with Natsuno, Masao seems to have an excessive relationship with her, going out of his way to make her his fangirl.

It's also revealed that Megumi scares Masao. When dealing with Mr. Tanaka about attacking his family, she coolly remarks that he should do it or "somebody else will." This causes a frightened Masao to whisper, "Women sure are scary."


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Anime Appearances

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