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Megumi Shimizu
Name Kanji 清水(しみず)(めぐみ) Shimizu Megumi
Race Shiki (Currently)
Human (Originally)
Age 16 (Currently)

15 (as Human)

Status Deceased
Birthday August 26th 1977
Gender Female
Blood Type B (?)
Personal Status
Occupation High School Student (Formerly)
First appearance
Manga Debut Prologue
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyū Haruka Tomatsu
Voice Actor Tia Ballard
"I hate this stupid village! I hate it! HATE! IT!(この村大嫌い!大嫌い!大嫌い!)"
―Megumi Shimizu[src]

Megumi Shimizu (清水 恵, Shimizu Megumi) was a young girl from Sotoba who was the first person to be tragically killed by the Kirishiki family, namely by Chizuru Kirishiki. She was also the first person to die that wasn't in Yamairi, and was also the first person to knownly rise up as a Shiki several days after her death. She is one of the most frequently appearing characters in the Shiki series. Due to her city-girl personality and style, she dreamed of one day leaving the village and living a glamorous life in a big city.

Despite her hatred for her town, the two things she cared about within it were her crush, Natsuno Yuuki, and a recently built mansion in their town. (which the Kirishiki family moved into)


Megumi's appearance in the episode 1

Height: 165 cm (5'5")

Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)

Megumi was a cute, relatively tall, and attractive young girl. Her skin was pale and soft with a slightly yellowish undertone.

She appeared to be quite skinny and had an hourglass-shaped body figure.

Megumi had long wavy strawberry blonde hair of length to end of her back which was parted down the middle with messy bangs on her forehead and framing messy hair by her cheeks. She always kept her hair in two high twin-tails and always had it styled, except for when going to sleep.

Megumi's large, slightly upturned eyes were a cool shade of cherry red. Her eyebrows were thin, straight and upward with a soft arch.

She had an inverted triangular-shaped face and a sharp chin and a very defined jawline. Her nose was thin and upturned, and her nose tip was sharp. She also had a small mouth and plump rosy lips with her upper lip slightly thinner than her bottom lip which was more recognizable when she wore lipstick.

Megumi showing off her summer outfit

When she turned Shiki her eyes took on the common black and crimson red color of her kind. The eyes had a slight cool cherry tone within the black, which was the case with all the other vampires as well, indicating their former eye color. Her skin also turns much paler than before. Megumi's hair becomes way wavier and frizzier than before, which seemed to be the case with most vampires after rising.

Throughout the series, Megumi can be seen wearing a variety of stylish original clothing, shoes, makeup, and hair accessories. Other than her fancy clothes she is also shown to keep her nails and lips done in a variety of different colors from warmer peachy shades or pink tones to colder black or blood-red tones. She also kept her lashes and brows done, making them appear darker. Most of the time she wore some form of gothic jewelry or bows and is shown to get quite creative with her unique outfits.

Megumi in the manga prologue

Her appearance in the manga isn't much different, some of her outfits were slightly changed in the show but her overall physical features stayed the same. Her hair however, is noticeably straighter in the most manga chapters compared to the anime episodes, even after rising.


Megumi admiring Yuuki

Megumi could be self-centered and often thought only about herself. She hated Sotoba and felt like she didn't belong there, made worse by the fact that the other villagers made fun of her for dressing nicely in a place like Sotoba. Though she acted polite and respectful to the villagers, she looked down at them for their lack of self-consciousness of how people outside the village would view them and would often get frustrated with their view that anything outside of Sotoba was weird and that her dreams to one day live in a big city were a waste of time and ridiculous.

Megumi daydreaming about her future

She even looked down on her childhood friend Kaori, whom she viewed as an annoyance even though she acted politely to her as well. On the other hand, she acted delightful and shy when she was around or talking to Natsuno, whom she had a crush on, although he didn't feel the same way for her.

As a human, she was often shown taking walks around her town in fancy outfits while day-deaming and fantasizing about a better life somewhere in a city.

Megumi under Tohru's bed

After she rose up as a Shiki, she became more malicious.

Megumi taunting Kaori after killing her father

Megumi seemed to easily accept attacking other villagers and enjoyed the new undead community that she was a part of, most likely because her life in a boring old village finally had something exciting and fresh to bring to the table. Aside of her desire for leaving Sotoba getting stronger, her feelings for Natsuno also became much more intense as she began targeting people that were close to him. She developed a disliking for his best friend Tohru Mutou and agreed with Tatsumi to kill him because Natsuno never gave as much attention to her as he did to Tohru. She later agreed with Tatsumi to kill her childhood friend Kaori's father because she betrayed her and got close to Natsuno despite knowing about Megumi's feelings for him.

Megumi enjoying herself

She was impulsive and often voiced her opinion or expressed her own thoughts before considering how they would affect other people. This was shown when she learned of Natsuno being targeted and Nao Yasumori trying to assure her that he would become one of them. She got frustrated and shouted at her with the fact that none of her family rose up, causing Nao to break down in tears.

She had no sympathy for any of the villagers, due to their constant mocking toward her and their unwanted crititcism on her outfits. The only person she truly cared about was Natsuno Yuuki, probably because he was the only one who wanted to leave the village along with her. Their mockery soon turns into fear of the same young girl they used to laugh at as a habit after they find out about her rising like the rest of the undead.

More about Megumi's personality based on her Zodiac and other things below. ⬇⬇⬇


Megumi admiring the mansion on top of the hill

Megumi was born and raised in Sotoba and hates living there. She goes to highschool in Mizobe town and often daydreams of going to a university in the city once she graduates. After leaving Sotoba, she plans to get scouted into show business where she'd hang out in clubs every night and have many people admiring her there. The only thing she cares about in the village is the large western-looking mansion on top of the hill that was recently built and Natsuno Yuuki, her crush and classmate.

On August 11th, Megumi is fantasizing about the mansion in which the Kirishiki family moved. Kaori passes by and they get into an argument when Kaori says that she isn't really interested in the mansion or the people in it and how she finds them weird.

Megumi gets invited by Seishirou and Tatsumi

As Megumi storms away, she senses someone looking at her from the mansion and gets excited. While showing off her model walking skills, she trips. Seishirou Kirishiki and Tatsumi open up the gates and greet her. She then goes missing the same day and a search party gets organized.

The town searches for Megumi in the mountain woods until she is found on the 12th. She can stand but wouldn't talk. The villagers thought it was nothing serious and ended up not taking her to the clinic. They took her home and called Dr. Ozaki.

Dr. Ozaki goes to Megumi's house where her parents thank him for coming all the way there. He finds that there isn't anything wrong with her physically except that she won't eat or talk. She doesn't have a fever, just some insect bites. She is found to be anemic. He says that he is going to draw some blood. Her parents are both relieved. Megumi finally speaks up as he was on his way to leave the Shimizu household and says that she's very sleepy, instantly closing her eyes and falling asleep. Megumi can't remember what happened there and only remembers being invited by Tatsumi and Seishirou Kirishiki into the mansion, where she met the Kirishiki family.

August 15

Megumi dies

Dr.Ozaki wakes up early in the morning to a phone call telling him that Megumi had died. He soon rushes over and tells Mr and Mrs. Shimizu that Megumi died at around 2 am with the cause of death being acute heart failure.


Natsuno Koide

Megumi and Yuuki looking at each other

Megumi had a crush on Natsuno ever since he came to Sotoba and tries to befriend or strike a conversation with him whenever she gets a chance to. Her infatuation with him causes her to develop a habit of watching him from his window as he studies while hiding in the bushes and daydreaming of being in a relationship with him. Unfortunately those feelings are unrequited, for Natsuno whom dislikes her and is fully aware of her spying activities on him. Nevertheless, he admits they share a common dislike for the village and the wish of leaving it. After her death and resurrection, her feelings for Natsuno soon rise to obsession. She stalks him through his window even after death and kills those who might be an obstacle to her object of affection. Despite knowing Natsuno hates her even more after killing Tohru, she still shows genuine concern for him even though she stated she no longer cared for him at multiple occasions, as she was willing to disobey Tatsumi to save him and was devastated when she learned of Natsuno's death. In both the anime and manga, although there are differences, it was the flashback of Natsuno that she saw that distracted Megumi and got her caught by the villagers.

Masao Murasako

Megumi dislikes Masao to say the least. He's always stalking on Megumi ever since she started highschool and always utterly despised Natsuno for receiving more attention from Megumi than him. To make it worse, he doesn't even hide his hatred.

Megumi kicks Masao in the face for following her around

He constantly keeps trying to strike a conversation with Megumi while hating on Natsuno in front of her. When they rise up as Shiki, Masao's hatred for Natsuno grows stronger as he was even willing to kill Natsuno himself right after he rose up, but Megumi's hatred for Masao also rises due to her love for Natsuno. Masao would always tease Megumi saying how girls only like "guys who act cool and cold all the time" to which Megumi would brutally beat him up, often causing his nose to bleed. Even though Megumi knew Masao liked Tohru, she didn't seem to care. When the shiki hunt begins, Masao wants to rebel against the Kirishikis and has a plan to escape the village but doesn't want to be the only one to disobey them so he tries to convince Megumi to go with him to which Megumi calls him out, with a nice beating. This is the last time Megumi and Masao ever meet again, as Megumi in the end does try to escape for the city and Masao actually tries to hide at his own home. While hiding for his life, Masao is surrounded by corpses and thinks Megumi must've been killed too and says if she were with him he would've saved her.

Tohru Mutou

Megumi dislikes Tohru through out their entire lives, as a human and as a Shiki. Her only reason for this seems to be the fact that Natsuno likes Tohru more than her, as stated when she arrived in the Mutou household to kill him.

Megumi kills Tohru

Despite her feeling this way towards him, she wasn't rude to him as a Shiki and showed genuine understanding for his love for Natsuno, as she could relate to it. Tohru, even though he never showed it, seemed to also dislike Megumi back at times. There definitely seemed to be some tension which can be interpreted from the hunt for Natsuno, as he decides to bite his best friend rather than let Megumi touch him. After this attack it seems that Megumi's hate hightens.

Kaori Tanaka

Megumi looks down at her former childhood friend like the rest of the villagers. However, Kaori seems oblivious to the fact. When Megumi was ordered by Tatsumi to attack Kaori's father, she initially protested, showing empathy and concern towards her. However, when told by Tatsumi that Kaori and Natsuno were getting close, she decided to go through with the plan causing her to dislike Kaori more than she did before.

Megumi taunting Kaori

After killing Kaori's father, Megumi even though she was happy at first, later on seemed to regret it and starts showing that she in fact misses Kaori. When Kaori's father rises up as a Shiki, she suggests him to kill his family for the beginning with her own personal interest, to have Kaori as company. This was also shown when Kaori's father asks if Megumi had killed her own family as well to which she gets mad, saying how she'd never want to be with them again and later on as she leaves Kaori's father, she admits she would obviously prefer Kaori than her parents because even though Kaori didn't understand her interest in fashion like everyone else, she accepted her as she was.

Notable Outfits


During attack on Tohru, she wore a lowcut red corset with a frilled, black trim, paired with a black, ruffled mini-skirt with a white spiked belt. She also wore a black leather spiked choker, black, shoulder-length fingerless gloves with white, spiked bands, black thigh-high stockings and white fingerless zip up high heel boots. She also put on blood red lipstick and painted her nails blood red. With this outfit she also wore red elegant flower earrings.


During the attack on the Ozaki clinic, she wore a pink and white mid-thigh dress with black stripes going down it and parting with red rose buttons and white ruffles at the bottom. She also wore ripped light tan panty hose and elbow length black gloves with a pair of pink sneaker boots along with pink striped fingerless gloves and a black shirt collar choker, also she had blood red lipstick and nails.


During Megumi's escape to the city and death, she wore a strapless dress that is presumably taped on giant, 3-tiered black ruffle skirt; leopard print torso, solid, dark pink cups. Stilettos and arm-length gloves are a matching pink color. Brown nylon stockings. Violet-beaded necklace. The gloves have black faux-corsetry at the top. The gloves are full-fingered for the thumb and index finger, and fingerless for other 3. Along with this outfit she had bright pink lipstick and nails and also a black gothic earring on her left ear.


Megumi's death differs in the anime, original novel and manga.

Megumi sees a nostalgic flashback of Yuuki waiting for the bus

In the anime, while the villagers are killing all the Shiki, Megumi attempts to escape to a big city where she could live a nice life she always desired. While Megumi is crossing the road where she once used to wait for the bus with Natsuno, she sees a flashback of him waiting for the bus and gets distracted, causing her to get caught. The villagers chase her into a rice field, but she wasn't scared because they couldn't see at night however a bunch of villagers driving tractors appear and lighten up the whole rice field, making her vulnerable. While she was running through the rice field, she gets hit by a tractor and gets stunned. The villagers soon get to her and she tells them that all she wants is to go to the big city. This fails and she gets hit by another tractor that soon crushes her arm, she screams about how much she hated Sotoba ever since she was born and how a village like it shouldn't have ever existed. Another tractor pulls up and proceeds to run over her face. Megumi is still alive and still proceeds to squirm until she got staked by Hirosawa and two other villagers in the heart and died. She was later transported to a pile with the other dead shiki where they burned in fire together with the whole village.

Megumi's death moment in the manga

In the manga, she also tries to make her escape but most roads were blocked so while making her way to the city, she runs to the highway, carrying a suitcase with her. As she was crossing the last road before she was able to escape out of the village, she gets distracted by an illusion of Natsuno and gets hit by a vehicle. Her suitcase opens and her clothes fall all around the road. As Megumi was under the vehicle, all broken, the villagers blast a flashlight and gossip about her personality while she was still alive. She soon becomes concious again and proceeds to escape still but the villagers get to her, pounding about eight stakes into her chest and heart. They pick up all of her clothes from the road and put it in the back of the vehicle together with her body. In her final thoughts, she thought she saw Laforet (a store located in Harajuku that she has always wanted to go to) even though it was just a magazine of such laying beside her with the rest of her magazines, clothes and accessories as her body was being transported to the hell hole with the other dead bodies.

In the novel, she hid deep in the mountains during the daylight and planned to escape to the city but she woke up to complete chaos. The mountain fir trees were glowing in fire.(Due to Motoko's mental breakdown where she burned the entire village in hopes of killing her father-in-law whom was also a shiki) As she was running through the woods, around her villagers were killing the risen left and right but she attempted to make it to the National road undetected, which she viewed as "good luck". As she crossed the National road, a group of villagers notice her and chase her down. She runs into a field, looking for a safe place to hide, but finds non. An off-road bike descends into the field, Megumi falls and gets knocked down into a ditch near. She gets stuck due to the drainage being too narrow and Seiji Matsuo comes to help her out. As he grabs her hand, he realizes she is one of the risen and holds her by the neck, choking her. Megumi cries and begs for him to let her go but him and a group of other villagers stake her, leaving her body in the bloody water.

Zodiac and other

The analysis of Megumi

Considering Sotoba was a small Japanese Buddhist village, it's fair to assume that Megumi was either a Buddhist or a non-believer considering her city girl personality.

  • Her Chinese zodiac sign was Earth Horse (1978) - Horse year people are popular and hard workers. They have financially sound minds and are adept at handling money matters. Women born in the Horse year are beautiful and give off a refreshing aura. Sometimes they are gentle ponies, other times they can become wild stallions. Regardless, they are impressive and good at what they do. Motivation and help from others aren’t important. As long as they’re doing what they like, they will succeed. They can be chatterboxes and have a clear division between like and dislike. However, they are usually indecisive. Rather than having a clear plan, they leave things to fate.
  • Her blood type was B - Some of the most common positive personality traits of people with blood type B are such as curious, strong, adventurous, creative, passionate, active, outgoing, and cheerful. On the other hand, the negative traits are, wild, erratic, self-centered, unforgiving, selfish, uncooperative, irresponsible, and unpredictable. They face a lot of discrimination because of their negative personality traits such as selfishness and uncooperativeness. Society mainly focuses on the negative side of people with blood type B, even though they also have their good side. As a result, they tend to be loners, and they isolate themselves from others.
  • Her zodiac sign is Virgo (August 26) - A Virgo woman may seem to be extremely critical and arrogant at first, but the truth is that the more you get to know her the more you will like her. She is also self-sufficient, ambitious, perfectionist, realistic, witty, workaholic, blunt, reserved, wants her qualities to be acknowledged and is a total bad-ass once she opens up.

Over Megumi's chart most likely ruled the fire element. It is one of spontaneity, inspiration, intuition, and big passions. Fiery signs are excitable and impulsive and love to light a fire under others. They love to have everything their way, usually break the rules and love to entertain others and be admired.

Final conclusion: Megumi was definitely a warm and optimistic person with lots of passion for her dreams and love life. Although she was shown as a negative character in the story, we have to understand that she was in a bad situation before and after rising as a Shiki. Before her resurrection, she was constantly picked on by the villagers around her and after rising she was still trapped under command of the Kirishiki family. The fire within her showed when she used the whole situation to terrorize others as a form of revenge for being made fun of as a human. Even in the end, when most of the village is dead and Megumi happens to be one of the final Shiki/villagers fighting to survive, she's still showed genuine passion for going to the city and have a dream-job there and also her love for Yuuki, which in the end gets her caught and killed.

Appearances in the episodes

Family Tree



  • The name Megumi means "favor, benefit, blessing, grace" (恵). <- It regularly occurs in Japanese-language Christian texts
  • Megumi's surname Shimizu means "clear, pure, clean" (清) (shi) and "water" (水) (mizu).