Megumi Shimizu
Name Kanji 清水(しみず)(めぐみ) Shimizu Megumi
Race Shiki (Currently)

Human (Originally)

Age 16 (Currently)

15 (Before first death)

Status Deceased
Birthday August 26 (Virgo)
Gender Female
Personal Status
Occupation High School Student, Freshman (Formerly)
First appearance
Manga Debut Prologue
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyū Haruka Tomatsu
Voice Actor Tia Ballard
"I hate this stupid village! I hate it! HATE! IT!(この村大嫌い!大嫌い!大嫌い!)"
―Megumi Shimizu[src]

Megumi Shimizu was a young girl from Sotoba who was the fifth person to be killed by the Kirishiki family, namely by Chizuru Kirishiki. She was also the first person to die that wasn't in Yamiri, and was also the third person to rise up as a Shiki several days after her death. She is one of the most frequently appearing characters in the Shiki series and most entertaining characters. Due to her city-girl personality and style, she dreamed of one day leaving the village to live a glamorous life in a big city.

Despite her hatred for her town, the two things she cared about within it were her crush, Natsuno Yuuki, and a new mansion built in their town (which the Kirishiki family moved into)


Megumi was a relatively tall girl, and appeared to be quite thin. She had curly pink hair which was parted down


Megumi Shimizu's introduction

the middle with short bangs on her forehead, framing hair by her cheeks. She always kept her hair in two high pigtails and was never seen without it styled, except for when she fell ill. Megumi's large eyes were a cool shade of cherry pink, and when she turned Shiki her eyes took on the common black and glowing red color of her kind. She kept her skin pale and untouched, and often was conscientious of her appearance. Throughout the series, Megumi can be seen wearing a variety of stylish clothes, shoes, make up, and hair accessories. She was usually wearing gothic clothes and also is shown to keep her nails and lips done in colors pink or red most of the time, and usually wore some form of gothic jewelry or bows.


Megumi could be self-centered and often thought only about herself. She hated Sotoba and felt that she didn't belong there, made worse by the fact that the other villagers laughed at her. Though she acted polite to the villagers, she looked down on them for their lack of self-consciousness of how people outside the village would view them and got frustrated with their view that anything outside of Sotoba was weird. She especially looked down on her childhood friend Kaori, whom she viewed as an annoyance. On the other hand, she acted kind and shy when she was around or talking to Natsuno, who she had an intense crush on, although he didn't feel the same way for her. As a human she was often shown day dreaming and fantasizing about a better life.


Megumi sadistically toys with her childhood friend.

After she rose up as a Shiki, she became more malicious and started showing off her sociopathic side. Megumi seemed to easily accept being undead and attacking other villagers, most likely due to her hatred of the village and desire of leaving. Her feelings for Natsuno become more intense as she targeted people close to him. She developed a hatred for his best friend Tooru Mutou and agreed to kill him out of jealousy. She later agreed to kill Kaori's father as payback for her being close to Natsuno. She was impulsive and often voiced her opinion or expressed her own thoughts before considering how they would affect other people. This was shown when she learned of Natsuno being targeted and Nao Yasumori trying to assure her that he would become one of them. She lashed out at the latter with the fact that none of her family rose up, causing Nao to break down. Like any other sociopath, Megumi was hurting people for fun and enjoyed killing villagers, from perspective villagers for her were like flies, when she killed them she didn't feel so sorry for them. She had no sympathy for any of the villagers, except for Natsuno Yuuki, and of course she didn't feel empathy towards them.


Megumi was born and raised in Sotoba. Megumi hates living in Sotoba. She goess to highschool in the city (Freshman Year) and she often dreams of going to university in the city and once she graduates, where she'll be scouted into show business and hang out at clubs every night. The only thing she cares about the village is the large house on top of the hill and Yuuki.

On August 11th, Kaori and Megumi get into a fight when Kaori says that she isn't really interested in the mansion or the people in it.

As Megumi storms away, she senses someone looking at her. While showing off, she trips and Seishirou Kirishiki come out side to see if she's alright. She then goes missing.

The town searches for Megumi on the mountain until she is found on the 12th. She can stand and the villagers call Dr. Ozaki.

Dr. Ozaki goes to Megumi's house where her parents thank him for coming all the way there. He finds that there isn't anything wrong with her physically. She won't eat anything. She doesn't have a fever, just some insect bites. She is found to be anemic. He says that he is going to draw some blood. Her parents are both relieved. Megumi says that she's very sleepy. She can only remember being welcomed by Tatsumi and Seishirou Kirishiki.

September 2

Megumi-shimizu-shiki (06 68f05c94)
Megumi finds that Natsuno tore up the postcard that she made for him. She picks up some pieces and begins to cry before becoming angry.


Natsuno Koide

Megumi always had a crush on Natsuno ever since he came to Sotoba and tries to befriend or strike a conversation with him to no avail. Her infatuation with him causes her develop a habit of watching him from his window while hiding in the bushes and daydreaming of being in a relationship with him. Unfortunately those feelings are unrequited, for Natsuno dislikes her and is fully aware of her spying activities on him. Nevertheless, he admits they share a common dislike to the village and wish of leaving it. After her death and resurrection, her feelings for Natsuno soon rises to obsession, for she stalks him and kills anyone who might be an obstacle to her object of affection. Despite knowing Natsuno hates her even more after killing Tooru, she still shows genuine concern for him, as she was willing to disobey Tatsumi to save him and was devastated when she learned of Natsuno's "death". In both the anime and manga climax, though there are differences, it was the image/memory of Natsuno that distracted Megumi long enough for her to get caught by the villagers and staked.

Tooru Mutou

Megumi utterly despises Tooru throughout their entire lives, as a human and Shiki. Her only reason for this hatred seems to be just the fact that Natsuno likes Tooru more than her, as stated when she arrived in the Mutou house to bite him. Despite her feeling this way towards him, Tooru doesn't seem to hate Megumi, this may be just because of his "I don't hate anyone." kind of personality.

Even though he doesn't necessarily have mutual feelings towards Megumi, there does seem to be some tension which can be interpreted from the hunt for Natsuno, as he decides to bite his best friend rather than let Megumi touch him. This is just theorized though due to the threat of his family being attacked if he didn't feed on Natsuno. After this attack it seems that Megumi's hatred towards Tooru heightens, not to anyone's surprise.

Kaori Tanaka

Megumi looks down at her former childhood friend like the rest of the villagers. However, Kaori seemed oblivious to the fact. When Megumi was ordered by Tatsumi to attack Kaori's father, she initially protested, showing some sort of empathy towards her. However, when told by Tatsumi that Kaori and Natsuno were getting close, she decided to go through with the plan. Causing her to dislike Kaori even more.

Appearances in the show

Megumi has curly pink hair which she styles into high pig tails and she uses different ribbons or hair accessories for each outfit she wears, she has a fair complexion and pink eyes. She is also fashionable, as she is, apart from her school uniform, always seen wearing stylish and creative clothing (mostly gothic) with accessories to accompany them, albeit some of the clothing are revealing. When she was alive and during the summer, she wore a pink summer dress that showed her cleavage. The dress also had black ruffles and strings at the back to hold the dress, with knee-high white socks, pink high-heels and accompanied with a small, pink parasol. She also painted her fingernails dark pink to go with the outfit. She is later seen in a yellow summer dress with black skulls and orange spiked sandal heeled boots. With this oufit she painted her finger and toenails light pink.

After her death and resurrection as a Shiki, her skin becomes very pale with her scalera now black with her irises going bright crimson red and glowing like all shiki. She also starts wearing clothing that is close to punk, rebellious and gothic fashion, as when she first appears as a Shiki, she wore a lowcut red corset with a frilled, black trim, paired with a black, ruffled mini-skirt with a white spiked belt. She also wore a black leather spiked choker, black, shoulder-length fingerless gloves with white, spiked bands, black, thigh-high stockings and white zip up high heel boots. She also put on blood red lipstick and painted her nails blood red. With this outfit she also wore red rose earrings.

During the attack on the Ozaki clinic, she wore a pink and black mid-thigh dress with black stripes going down it and parting with red rose buttons and lighter pink ruffles at the bottom. She also wore ripped light tan pantyhose and elbow length black gloves with a pair of pink sneaker boots along with pink striped fingerless gloves and a black shirt collar choker, also she had blood red lipstick and nails.

When she became a Shiki she wore different lipsticks ranging in color from peachy pink to blood red depending on the outfit that she wore.


When a new family moves into the Kanemasa mansion, Megumi is intrigued. She decides to visit but never returns home.


A search-party is organized for her, and after searching they discover an unconscious Megumi in the forest. The doctor concludes that she suffers from anemia but she should be fine. However, a few days later (August 15 according to episode 2) Megumi dies of heart failure, shocking

Megumi standing behind Yuuki


Megumi died from a vampire bite inflicted by Chizuru. Then at Megumi's funeral, Kaori presents Natsuno the late summer greeting card but Natsuno refuses to accept. When burying Megumi, Kaori leaves a present in Megumi's coffin which she was planning to give her. After Megumi's death, Natsuno begins to hallucinate and thinks he still sees Megumi at night watching him from his window.

After receiving an invitation through Tatsumi for Tooru Motou's house, Megumi and Tatsumi visit late at night while Natsuno is staying over. Megumi enters Tooru's bedroom where both boys are sleeping. She says she hates Tooru for being closer to Natsuno than she ever was. She reveals her fangs and goes in for the bite. Natsuno wakes up covered in sweat and believes it was all a dream. Or was it?

Shiki4 1024x576

Megumi bites Toru

When Tooru dies several days later, Natsuno knows that Megumi has risen from the dead. He gathers Kaori and her younger brother Akira, who both were already suspecting something of a supernatural nature was going on, to dig up Megumi's coffin and confirm she's truly dead. And they are right, Megumi coffin is in fact empty.

After this, Tatsumi orders Megumi to go after Kaori and Akira's family starting with killing their father. She does so and threatens Kaori.


Megumi's cute expression as she is ready to kill Kaori's dad

Some days later, Natsuno also dies and Megumi hears that Natsuno is cremated because he originally came from the city. These news devastate her because she knows that Natsuno can't rise from the dead if he is cremated.


Megumi's last moments

While the villagers are killing all the Shiki, Megumi attempts to escape to a big city where she could get famous. While Megumi decides to cross the road, she's distracted by a flashback of seeing Natsuno waiting for the bus. While Megumi is looking at Natsuno, the villagers see her. While getting hit by a tractor a few times she tells them reasons why they shouldn't kill her. Although, this plan fails and she gets hit by another tractor that soon crushes her arm in the process, she screams about how much she hates Sotoba and how a village like it shouldn't even exist. Another tractor pulls up and proceeds to run over her face. Megumi is still alive and still proceeds to leave the village until she got staked in the heart and died. She was later transported to a pile with the other dead shiki where they disappeared in fire together with the whole village.

Megumi's death in the anime differs from the one in the original novel and manga. She still gets hit by lots of vehicles, broken and twisted limbs and all bloodied. She still tries to make her escape, but the villagers get to her, pounding about five stakes into her back and heart and killing her completely (which is known as "multi-staked"). Her final thoughts show her living a glamorous life in the city, she thought she saw Laforet (a store located in Harajuku that she has always wanted to go to) even though it was just a magazine of such laying beside her with the rest of her magazines, clothes and accessories as her body was being transported away to a pile of corpses where she disappeared in fire with the village and other dead bodies.

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