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  • Um hello... I am really bad at direct messaging but...[Actually is this a direct message? How do you direct message? I don't know how to send a Private Message... or a Direct Message... IS there a difference?] 

    I am messaging you to ask you a question. Yes, a question... because I am writing a Shiki fanfiction about Megumi and I thought maybe you'll be interested [OR s/he will probably hate it] so I was putting a message on your wall [Wait will s/he even get to see this on the wall??? I don't know].

    Anyways as I was not really able to find a lot of people interested in Shiki [maybe because it's older or people are just annoying or maybe I have no idea how to find people... I mean I found all the people on here but nobody posts anymore.. ok this person replied to me but nobody else did... Oh yeah that is why I am posting on their wall... I should get back to the point...]

    And I though maybe you would like to help me writing my fanfiction? [S/he probably hates fanfiction? S/he probably just liked the novel book I never found or read....] OR if not you could contribute ideas for the story and work with me? [Why would S/he do that... s/he probably hates me and would find it an inconvienience] I was hoping you would consider it because you might know Megumi more so then I and it would possibly help me a lot... [S/he is probably shaking her head in disgust reading all this...]

    Anyways if you wanna read and give feedback on chapter 1, My fanfiction is the first Newest story on the Shiki Fanfiction page [S/he probably won't go... S/he will probably leave a bad review or click out instantly if she reads it]...And you can message me on there because I don't know how to message on here and Fanficion has a very clear Private Message area [S/he probably thinks I am a fool and there is probably a better and easy and obvious way to Private Message on this site and I am just missing it]

    Anyways let me know please [Maybe I should rewrite all this?]

    Also I am not like Megumi [Megumi wouldn't write anything like this at all.....]

    I Watch Horror Anime To See The Reality In Life... (talk) 15:32, July 6, 2019 (UTC)

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    • What the hell is wrong with you? You took it way too personally. You're actually making me mad right now and for all I now I could end this conversation right now and never reply to you again. Why would you ask me to be friends in the first place if you think so awfully of me? Literally asking someone to be friends just like that is not how it works and I never said LET'S BE REAL FRIENDS but by your question I assumed you wanted to talk more friendly but you should know for a fact true friends come with time not in a day on some forums. Second, When have I said I didn't care? The thing is you writing about what you're gonna do and your rude opinions on youth and life has nothing to do with Shiki nor this whole talk page. Third, who the heck said I was afraid of you? I don't have to be scared of you to not want to give out my personal information to someone I literally just met. And no I wouldn't give out my information like that to some random stranger. Are you trying to say I'm stupid? You're literally acting like some insane maniac right now. They do the same thing when you don't do as they asked. Try to make you feel horrible and guilty. Well mister, I couldn't care less about you now that you've shown your true colors. I'll kindly ask you not to talk to me again, you're forgiven for what you just said about me but don't expect me to be willing to talk with you again. I'm literally trying to see one good thing in your long ass text where you rant about me. Falsely imitating me and changing up the things I've said to make me look dumb and mean is not helping either. What you just wrote is the most immature thing a 30 year old could've ever written and I'd like you to re-read what you just said to me. Now excuse me please, I've got better things to do rather than arguing with an immature grown ass man.

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    • We don't need to use explicit language... Escalation isn't the preferable stance, you know....

      I asked if you wanted to be friends. You said you considered us friends already. I would have preferred to be after all....

      I have rude opinions? I am quite sure I do... Tell me what opinions of mine do you find rude? Be specific...

      How am I acting like an "insane maniac"? That is quite the claim... I'm intimidating you as well? Please... If you feel so threatened that you believe your life in danger, or that I am breaking applicable law, please consult law enforcement.

      "True Colors"? True Colours of an individual are like the manifestation of a rainbow and the different shades of that rainbow are simply a reflection... So like a reflection my "colors" are different shades depending on the stimuli applied. Of course if you show something I favor I'll be happier then if you have an opinion I disagree with...

      I'm glad you take me for a "man" then.... Surely you don't ever make assumptions or generalizations....

      As you requested I not contact you again, I shall not reply any further... This will be my last message to you unless you seek me out to communicate further. Bye.

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