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Nineteenth Coffin
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Name Kanji (だい)()()() Dai Ichi Wa
Opening Calendula Requiem
Ending Gekka Reijin
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Saturday, November 5, Shakku

Chizuru is knocked out cold after a stone hits her in her face. The villagers wonder if she died, but Ozaki says that that kind of attack isn't enough. Chizuru regains consciousness to attack Ozaki, but Ozaki with Ookawa's help, pins Chizuru to the ground, She is killed by Megumi's father Takeo when he drives a stake through her heart. Ozaki then explains about the shiki and ways to kill them.

Sunday, November 6, Senshou

Overnight, the villagers go through the town, knocking on doors asking if there were any other houses that have been reoccupied and announcing a demon cleansing. At the Yano houshold, they are turned away by Kanami, who is keeping her mother Tae, who has risen up, in seclusion. Kanami provides blood in a glass for her mother.

Sunako orders Tatsumi to kill Ozaki, saying that doing so will stop further problems, and then to kill villagers, lowering their numbers. She laments how lonely Chizuru must have felt as she died. Seishin stays with Sunako. He is exhausted, presumably from being fed on by Sunako. Tatsumi feeds on him before setting out. Yoshie warns the shiki to hide. Masao suggests to Megumi that they run away together, which gets him smacked down by her. Atsushi goes to the Ozaki home to have his revenge on the doctor for the killing of Chizuru.

Tohru continues to try to persuade Ritsuko to feed on the living. It is revealed that the human provided for this purpose is Nurse Yasuyo.

Kaori hides in her room with Love and a baseball bat, expecting Megumi to arrive to kill her. Then her father comes home. She takes him out with the bat.

At dawn, the villagers' work begins in earnest. They now know which homes were reoccupied by shiki, and they kill those inside. They raid the Ebuchi clinic and the funeral home. Then they head to Kanemasa and tear it apart.

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