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The Ozaki clinic

Ozaki Clinic, or Ozaki house is the only hospital in Sotoba. It is also the place where Ozaki family lived and one of the main and most prominent locations in the series. It was eventually destroyed in the fire started by Motoko Maeda that destroyed the village.


  1. Ozaki, the only doctor, director and owner. Deceased.
  2. Takae Ozaki, owner. Deceased.
  3. Toshio Ozaki, the only doctor, director and owner. Alive.
  4. Takeshi Mutou, manager. Alive.
  5. Towada, manager, quit, most likely deceased.
  6. Shimoyama, x-ray operator. Status unknown.
  7. Ritsuko Kunihiro, nurse, deceased.
  8. Yuki Shiomi, nurse, missing, most likely deceased.
  9. Isaki Satoko, nurse, quit, most likely deceased.
  10. Yasuyo Hashiguchi, nurse. Alive.
  11. Kiyomi Nagata, nurse. Kidnapped, most likely deceased.