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Name Kanji (じょ)(しょう), Joshou
Volume 1
Release Date December 2007
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Megumi Shimizu takes a walk around the village of Sotoba, ruminating about how she deeply hates the village, and wants to live in the city.  The villagers are gossiping about the destruction of several jizo statues in town.  She thinks about how the only things she really cares about is the big house on the hill, and Natsuno (Yuuki) Koide. She passes by his house, lurking in the bushes as she tries to catch a glimpse of him in the window.

August 6. Saturday. Butsumetsu

In the Yamairi district, police officer Takami questions Seishin Muroi. That morning, he went to upper Sotoba to perform the rites for Shuuji Gotouda, who has passed away with what they surmise was a summer cold. Seishin then tried to phone Shuuji's relatives in Yamairi but couldn't get through. Goiing there personally, he discovered Mieko Murasako and Shuuzou Murasako, Shuuji's aunt and uncle, dead in their house. He then went nextdoor to borrow the phone, where he found Gigorou Ookawa also dead. Oddly, Mieko's body is still fresh, although the other two have decayed extensively for several days.

Megumi takes a walk

Dr. Toshio Ozaki tells Seishin that he was present at the autopsy on Mieko, and that death was due to natural causes. Toshio remarks how strange it is that Mieko died much later than the two men. In other words, that she must have lived with her husband's corpse in her house.

August 8, Monday. Tomobiki. First day of Autumn

Kaori Tanaka walks to school with Megumi and her brother Akira. Megumi gets frustrated by their rustic behaviour, and runs off. She meets Natsuno at the bus stop, but he ignores her. 

August 9, Tuesday. Senbu

Kanami Yano, shopkeeper of the Chigusa restaurant, and her mother Tae , are awakened at 2 am by a truck blaring its horn.  The driver is lost, and introduces himself as Tatsumi Kirishiki. He is moving into the Kanemasa mansion.   Seishin writes a story.  In it, a man wanders in a barren wasteland, to discover his dead brother resurrected from his grave. 

August 11, Thursday. Taian
Megumi & Kaori Ch.0.png

The villagers gossip about the newcomers to the Kanemasa mansion.  The previous house was razed, and a castle-like mansion built in its place. Megumi imagines what the newcomers must be like.  She meets Kaori, who is walking a dog. Kaori tells Megumi that the new people have a daughter a little younger than the two of them. Megumi heads up the hill to the Kanemasa. She is greeted at the gate by Tatsumi and Seishirou. Later, Kaori's mother Sachiko gets a phone call asking about Megumi, who has not made it home.  Kaori says that Megumi was going to Kanemasa. Word spreads that Megumi is missing, and liquor-store owner Tomio Ookawa organizes a search party, bringing his son Atsushi. Takeshi Mutou and Natsuno's father Yuuki take part in the search. Officer Takami goes to Kanemasa to inquire about Megumi.  Tatsumi says that they haven't seen her, and joins the search. 

August 12, Friday. Shakku
Megumi & Ozaki Ch.0.png

About 3 am, Megumi is found in the woods, tired and delirious. Dr. Ozaki diagnoses her with anemia, and draws a blood sample for testing. 

August 13, Saturday. Senshou

Kaori visits ailing Megumi, telling how she saw the lady from Kanemasa strolling the village, and talking to Yasuyuki from the lumber mill. Megumi then dies.

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