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The Rokuyo is a six-day cycle which applies to the days of the Japanese calendar (六曜 - literally "six day" Roku=six yo=day). Each day has an associated fortune to indicate whether there will be good luck or bad on that particular day.[1][2] Calendars will sometimes include the rokuyo in fine print underneath each date. In the show and manga Shiki, dates are followed by the Rokuyo designation for that day.

  • Senshou - Good luck in the morning, bad luck after noon
  • Tomobiki - Good luck all day, except at noon
  • Senbu (or Senpu) - Bad luck in the morning, good luck after noon
  • Butsumetsu - Unlucky all day. It's the day Buddha died
  • Taian - Lucky all day. Day of great peace
  • Shakku - Bad luck all day, except at noon

The cycle begins anew on the first day of the lunar month (new moon). The initial day for each lunar month is fixed to be a specific rokuyo depending on which month it is. The Shiki dates are using the 1994 calendar, so these are the dates which start the lunar month, thereby resetting the cycle:

  • Month 7 - August 7 - Senshou
  • Month 8 - September 6 - Tomobiki
  • Month 9 - October 5 - Senbu / Senpu
  • Month 10 - November 3 - Butsumetsu