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"Taking a life is not justice. No matter what kind of noble cause you're fighting for, it's still murder. I have no taste for killing, whether the victim is human or something else."
―Seishin Muroi
Seishin Muroi
Name Kanji 室井 静信 Muroi Seishin
Race Human (Originally)
Jinrou (Currently)
Age 32
Status Alive
Gender Male
Personal Status
Occupation Junior Monk (Formerly)
Novelist (Currently)
Nomadic Traveler (Currently)
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyū Okitsu Kazuyuki
Voice Actor John Burgmeier

Seishin Muroi was the junior monk of the temple in Sotoba along with secretly writing novels and essays. He is a childhood friend of Toshio Ozaki, the local doctor, though their friendship shattered when Toshio killed his own wife, Kyouko, after experimenting on her to find the weaknesses of Shiki. He is now currently a Jinrou traveling with Sunako Kirishiki as the replacement of Tatsumi.


Seishin is a junior monk within the towns temple. He is polite, gentle, kind, and respectful to the people of Sotoba, as he always greets them and is more calm, composed, and patient compared to Toshio, as he rarely gets angry. Though secretly, he holds a bleak view on life as in truth, he hated the village and finds that he could not escape, as people expect him to be a monk when he doesn't want to. This enables him to open up and get along well with Sunako, whom he enjoys talking to and her company, even when he comes to know her true nature as a Shiki. 

It took him more time to accept the existence of the Shikis than Toshio, but even after he accepts their existence, unlike Toshio, he doesn't take a stance against them, as he was confused on what he should do and what he wanted to do. However, he had his own morals and sense of justice as he was horrified at the sight of Toshio's staked wife and refuses to call killing "justice," as it was no different from murder. It was after his father disappeared and became a Shiki himself, that he decided to join the Shikis and during the Shiki extermination, he comforts and protects Sunako.

After he becomes a jinrou, he is more violent and assertive, as he kills Ookawa in order to save Sunako.


Seishin is a bespectacled young man with a fair complexion, neat, silver hair combed out of his eyes and glistening emerald green eyes. He is always seen in his traditional priest robe, which is colored black. As a jinrou, his eyes lose their light glint and glow red when in the dark. He also seems to not be very physically strong, as it was visibly difficult for him to carry a suitcase containing Sunako, who is a very small girl.

In the manga, after arriving to the city with Sunako as a Jinrou, Seishin no longer wears his monk attire. He now wears a white button-up shirt with the collar up under a dark-colored sweater vest. Over this, he wears a light-colored trench coat with short sleeves, which is adorned with buttons along the front, shoulders, and collar, and also bears an insignia of curled lines that trails to the very bottom of the coat, surrounded by six dots along the upper portion, on its back. He wears a hat in the style of a beanie with his bangs let out of it, calve-length military-style boots, dark-colored pants, a simple belt, and dark-colored bands wrapping around his elbows. He no longer wears his glasses, and he appears more muscular than he did before (and immediately after) becoming a Jinrou.


Seishin is the local priest in Sotoba, as well as an author in writing novels. His latest work is called Shiki, which translated in English is called Corpse Demon. He has a sense of the supernatural and detects the presence of the real "Shiki." He is childhood friends with Toshio Ozaki and Mikiyasu Yasumori. He is 32 years old, single, and once attempted to commit suicide in a drunken state during his university days.


Seishin and his Mother

Born to Shinmei Muroi and Miwako Muroi, Seishin was treasured by his mother as she was thought to initially not be able to have children. The whole town wished for her to birth a heir to the shrine.


As a child he played in the clinic with Toshio Ozaki. As Toshio wasn't the sort that would want to be an underling of the older children, so he and Seishin Muroi would always play together. This worked out well because Seishin was shy and Toshio could be in charge. Mikiyasu Yasumori, who was four years younger, would always follow them along.


Unlike his father, he had a friend with very similar circumstances that he could talk to. Toshio was harshly pressured into entering the medical department and becoming a doctor regardless of what he wanted. Though he agreed with Toshio when he said they didn't have to do what the villagers wanted him to, he never really believed that.

When he was in university, he tried to commit suicide. He was out drinking with his friends, and when he got home, for no reason, he cut his wrist. He claims to have known it wouldn't kill him, even as he did it.[1] He later decides that it was because, as did his father, he hated the village and plunged into despair.

August 25th


While thinking about the village a young girl calls out to him. She asks if he is Seishin Muroi. She says that she likes his books. He is slightly suprised because she's so young. She tells him that she loves books and reading and that her father has his books on his shelves, so she borrowed them. There are six long novels and two collections of short stories. Last time he wrote about Sotoba. She was able to find the village and where he lived. She says the village is like a small shring and that it feels wonderful. After the essay she decided to move there.


He says that she must be dissapointed as he must be different than her imagination. She agrees and says that he's more ordinary than she thought. She thought that he'd have horns or a scar because in everything he's written he sounds like a man who's been abandoned by God. But even though he doesn't have those, he has a scar.

He is shocked that she knows this and moves his hand over his wrist. He asks who she is and she replies Sunako. He starts to call her Sunako-chan, but she becomes angry as she hates "chan." (In the English version he calls her "miss".)

She tells him that a person won't die from a simple cut on the wrist and walks away.

Unknown date

In the church, Sunako brings her book for him to sign, though he feels embarrassed. He warns Sunako that she shouldn't go out so much, as there's an illness going around and since she's already sick it's not a good idea. She's happy that he thinks of her and says not to worry, because her mother has the same thing and they have a live-in doctor, Ebuchi. He says she should know as well, but to keep it a secret. She asks if she can still come to the church and he says that it's not something to ask him, he just wants her to be careful.

Sunako asks him if he's feeling down again, and he says that it's more Toshio than him. He's frustrated with the illness going around that he can't save his patients. Though Seishin wants to help, he doesn't know what to do and Toshio's frustrated with him as well, though Seishin knows that it's more himself that he's frustrated with. He knows that he doesn't usually let himself get like that, which makes it even more upsetting.

Sunako puts her hand on his head to comfort him and says that he doesn't know how to connect his feelings. She feels bad for both Toshio and him.

September 30

Toshio and Seishin meet outside of the clinic. Toshio apologizes for the other day. Seishin says to just forget it.

Seishin says that Ishida went missing, as with all the death certificates. Toshio doesn't react really, and Seishin says that he must not understand what he's saying. This means that they can't call for assistance.

Toshio says that it doesn't matter because there isn't an epidemic. Toshio asks if he remembers the essay that wrote that said the village was surrounded by death. He doesn't think that he was too far off. He believes there's something closing in on the village. He believes he knows what's been causing all the deaths.

It begins with anemia, pale skin, lethargy, cold sweats, perceptible pulse resulting in multiple organ failure. They all had what seemed to be insect bites. They weren't insect bites, though, they were from okiagari.

Seishin says that he must be joking, but he says he isn't. He says it's one thing to just die, another thing that it makes them quit their job and move. He says they must use some sort of hypnosis so the death rate in the village won't go up.

He says from now on he'll operate based on the idea that they exist. He has Setsuko at the clinic and will be watching at night, when they're likely to come. He want to capture one and wants Seishin to help. He says he needs some time to think about it.

October 16

Think you could give me a hand cleaning this up?

Seishin visits the Ozaki clinic. Entering the operating room, he finds that Toshio had killed and experimented on his wife. Toshio asks if he could give him a hand cleaning up her body. Without saying anything, he leaves the clinic.

When he arrives home, he finds that someone had been in his room. On his notes, someone had written "Why did he kill his own little brother?" and that "Murders without the intent to kill are accidents, not murders," and "There is no murder without the intent to kill. where there is intent to kill, there is always a reason." Seishin thinks of why he had cut his own wrist without reason.

October 27th

Seishin spots Tooru behind a tree. Tooru begs him to stay away from him. Seishin asks that he comes out so he can see him, but he won't because he can't face him. He can't forgive himself for killing Natsuno, his best friend. He says that he didn't want to, but they threatened his family and he had to chose between Natsuno and them. Seishin tries to comfort him because he didn't have a choice, but Tooru says that he said they could run away together. He says that even now, he just attacked someone else. he doesn't want to kill, but he gets so hungry, and he'll die. He loses all control and attacks. Seishin apologizes and Tooru again asks him to leave him alone and forget their conversation. Seishin said that that no one can blame him for wanting to live as it's natural to fight for your life. He continues to the church while think that "No death is particularly terrible."

October 28th

Seishin is informed that Tsurumi has died. He also finds that his father isn't in his room. On his computer, he finds a latter that his father wrote to the Kirishiki family. The letter invites them into the house, but only his room. When his mother asks what he's looking at he says it's nothing.

November 3rd

In his father's room, he find a letter to Seishirou Kirishiki, asking him to come to his room and his room only. He lost interest in life and is looking forward to his visit. He remembers bringing the letter and thinks that the letter must have been the same. he thinks that it is the same as suicide. While reading the letter, Kaori Tanaka calls out to him.

Kaori begs for a kaimyou

Kaori goes to the temple where she is greeted by Seishin Muroi. He remembers her from Megumi Shimizu's funeral. She is grateful that he remembers her and says that people outside said that she should go to the temple for her request. She asks if he could give her a kaimyou (戒名). He is confused and asks if she is mourning someone. She tells him that her whole family is dead and she knows that she's next and wants one for herself as she is ready to die. He says that people do get them while still being alive. She begs him to give her one because she somehow made Megumi angry and she'll kill her next. She already dug her own grave and just needs her name to finish. He says that people don't know how long they're going live and that there is no such thing as cheap lives regardless of whether she chooses to welcome death or run away from it.

He feels like a hypocrite for saying this.

November 4th

Gearing the doorbell, Yoshie goes to the gate to answer. It's Seishin Muroi. He says that he believes his father is there and asks to talk to Sunako Kirishiki. She invites him in.

His mother later realizes that he isn't there and later ends up telling Toshio Ozaki that he isn't there. Toshio asks Chizuru if she's captured him, but she says that he went to their home on his own.

At the mansion, Sunako Kirishiki is shown to have fed on him.

Resurrection as a Jinrou and The End


After his father turns in to the Shikis, Seishin visits the Kirishiki household to find his father. He gets bitten by Sunako. At the end of series, he becomes a jinrou - and saves Sunako from "death."

In the manga, after saving Sunako, he leaves the town and publishes his book, Shiki, and starts a new life with Sunako.


  • "Life and death are like two sides of the same coin. Yet, even knowing that, I found Megumi's death untimely and tragic. She must have imagined a future for herself. There were still days of joy, days of sorrow lying before her. When her life was snuffed out, I could not help but feel that someone had stolen those precious moments from her. Death is part of life, but her's felt wrong."
  • "Taking a life is never justice, no matter what kind of noble cause you're fighting for. It's still murder. I have no taste for killing, wether the victim is human, or something else."
  • "There can be no doubt. The village is in serious danger from the shiki. The threat is real. We need to be safe. Unless someone takes action, this village will be annihilated. Yet, I can't make peace that my friend, Toshio, tortured and killed one of the shiki. I can't. What's wrong with me that I can't fight our enemies."


  • The name Seishin Muroi could be inspired from the Moroi, a creature from romanian mythology and folklore, that can be either an elite vampire (more usually called a Strigoi), or the mind-controled human slave of the vampire. See also pricolici, werewolf, damphir.





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