File-Shiki vol1
The chapters of the manga series Shiki were drawn and written by Ryu Fujisaki and serialized by publisher Shueisha in Jump Square magazine. The story is based off of the novels of the same name. It is about a small village named Sotoba, which is plagued by bizarre deaths caused by what seemed to be an epidemic. However, when Toshio Ozaki, the hospital dean, performs his own investigations, he discovers vampires, known as "shiki" ("corpse demon" in English) living in their midst.

The first chapter was released in December 2007, and it was serialized in Jump Square (aka Jump SQ) in 41 chapters through June 2011. It was released in 11 individual volumes from July 2008 through July 2011 by publisher Shueisha. An English adaptation of the manga series has not been published. A French edition was published in 2010 by Kazé Manga. An Italian edition was published in 2011 by Star Comics. A German edition was published in 2014 by Egmont Manga. A Polish edition was published in 2017 by Waneko.


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