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Sixteenth Skull
Name Kanji (だい)(とう)() Dai Tou Wa
Opening Calendula Requiem
Ending Gekka Reijin
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Friday, October 21, Senshou

Sunako's past is briefly recalled, and the story of how she became a shiki becomes clear. Seishirou Kirishiki sees Tohru leaving flowers and tells him that it will only make things worse, and then tells him that Sunako has summoned him. Nao reveals her backstory to Tatsumi, and blames herself for her family's deaths and feels like she's lost everything, so sad and angry that none of her family have risen, swears vengeance to kill other happy families around her. Tohru is extremely scared by the summons from Sunako, as it usually accompanies dire punishments that can even lead to death. Sunako offers him some tea, and Tohru explains that shiki cannot eat food, but can still drink liquids if they want to. Sunako starts talking to Tohru about how troubled he is from killing Natsuno, in response to which Tohru explains that it is only natural for him to feel bad. Sunako then tells him that she once knew a girl like that in her past, then starts telling the story. During the story, Sunako replaces the girl with herself and Tohru figures out that this is Sunako's own past. After Sunako became a shiki, her family had hidden her away in a shed and brought a maiden every night for her to kill. One night she decided to run away back into her home, but sees that her own family has moved away and another family had moved into her old house. She then started to look for her family, and she didn't give up even when it was only natural that they would all have died with old age.

Sunday, October 23, Senpu

The recently risen Tanaka (father of Kaori and Akira) blames Megumi for turning him into a shiki. Megumi then retaliates by saying that he can't say such things to her, as his mere presence shows that it is obvious he killed as well. She then tells Tanaka that he will need to get his own food starting tonight, and to start with his family. He is shocked and says he will never do something like that, but Megumi tells him that if he doesn't kill them then somebody else will. Tanaka then goes and visits his home to find himself restricted from getting inside. The dog Love starts barking which leads his wife to come out. His wife sees her dead husband and is terrified, and tells him that this is no place for him anymore and to go away. This leads Tanaka to feed from her, as Kaori and Akira find out.

Monday, October 24, Butsumetsu

Akira decides that he will attack the shiki, and tells Kaori to make as many wooden stakes as possible. He finds information from the villagers that someone has moved back into an empty house, and promptly takes a wooden stake and runs to the house. Natsuno can be seen outside in daytime talking to Toshio, and tells him that they have only one chance to foil the Kirishiki's plans of a 'Shiki Town', and how all shiki must be exterminated including himself. Akira goes into the house and finds a sleeping shiki (Iwao Maeda). he is about to put the stake through his heart but is stopped by Tatsumi. Akira then wakes up and finds himself bound and gagged in front of Maeda, and the episode ends as Maeda wakes up to discover Akira next to him.

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