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Sixth Skull
Name Kanji (だい)()()() Dai Roku Wa
Opening Kuchizuke
Ending Walk no Yakusoku
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September 19, Monday, Senpu 

The revived Megumi picks up the torn pieces of her postcard to Natsuno and is saddened and angered by Natsuno's treatment of her. Natsuno confirms that Megumi came to his house and swears that he won't die so easily.

September 20, Tuesday, Butsumetsu

Meanwhile, Toshio confirms Hiromi's death while Masao, who has been attacked earlier, is immobilized and unable to call for help. Toshio discovers that the insect bites are a likely vector for infection. He loses his patience when his latest patient's wife makes a diagnosis and treatment despite the seriousness of cyanosis. When Seishin informs Toshio of the bizarre goings-on between the deceased victims, Toshio scolds his friend for checking out something not related to the illness.

At night, Sunako comes to visit Seishin and the monk warns her about the dangerous disease spreading in the village, but she doesn't seem at all worried.

September 21, Wednesday, Taian

Masao is dead. Natsuno rents a vampire horror movie to watch with Tooru's brother and is told about the legend of the "risen".

September 22, Thursday, Shakku

Natsuno discovers that Seishin has been borrowing books on the same subject and visits his temple, but is told by Miwako, Seishin's mother, that her son is out on business.

September 23, Friday, Senshou

The village gossips talk about the death of Yoshihide KatouIkumi Itou, the village crazy-lady, rants about how the new people at Kanemasa are the cause of the deaths. Etsuko Gyouda is in the clinic with the disease. This time Dr. Ozaki goes with a blood transfusion, which helps a lot. She feels much better on Saturday. Part-timers working at Ozaki Clinic begin quitting in fear of catching the disease.

September 25, Sunday, Senpu

When Etsuko doesn't show up for her appointment, Toshio phones and talks to Bungo, her husband, and tells him to bring her in. She is ailing again.

September 27, Tuesday, Taian

Etsuko is dead. Natsuno happens upon Toshio in the street, and asks him if he is sure of Megumi's death. Toshio laughs it off when Natsuno thinks that Megumi may have revived, and jokes that anyone who did would be a vampire or zombie. When he asks Natsuno how he came up with the thought, the boy leaves.

Kaori and her brother Akira spy on the Kanemasa castle as he explains his sighting of a deceased villager heading inside. However, they are unaware of Tatsumi observing them in the woods behind them.

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