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*First Jinrou to be introduced in the series,
*First Jinrou to be introduced in the series
*he resembles the OVA depiction of [[w:c:VampireHunterD:Rei-Ginsei]]

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Name Kanji 辰巳 Tatsumi
Race Jinrou
Age 23
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Personal Status
Occupation Head servant of the Kirishiki family. He lives only to serve Sunako
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyū Takagi Wataru
Voice Actor Ian Sinclair
"It's not a matter of a creature's individual worth. It's a matter of a creature's personal feelings."


Upon the audience's first encounter he seems to be a sweet, absent-minded, human male. However, Tatsumi fulfills the role of a minor antagonist working as the top-ranked servant of the Kirishiki family and Sunako's right hand man. He takes care of almost everything ranging from the move to their new mansion to digging up coffins containing new born Shiki. He hides a very cruel and sadistic personality but he is not without humanity as he has great respect and admiration for Sunako despite him being more powerful than her and the rest of the Shiki. He strongly dislikes and absolutely doesn't trust Natsuno.


  • Tatsumi's first appearance.
  • Tatsumi in one of his many jumpsuits.

Tasumi appears to be a younger man in his mid-twenties. He proves to be very powerful and athletic visible by his taller stature and lean muscle. He has short, messy (almost "furry") sky blue hair with equally messy but slightly darker eyebrows. When not hunting, Tatsumi's eyes are a striking shade of Yellow. Tatsumi is first seen dressed in typical clothing. As the series progresses, he displays a personal style consisting of several different jumpsuits (usually red). At the beginning he is seen as being somewhat meek but regardless of his intentions, Tatsumi is often seen grinning.

The First Jinrou

Tatsumi is the first Jinrou (Werewolf) introduced in the series. He is a rare, special type of vampire who can move around in broad daylight and is able to consume normal food. Jinrou are capable of getting by without drinking blood, but their latent abilities such as heightened senses and inhuman strength won't manifest until they do. Because of this, Tatsumi keeps an eye out during the day when the rest of the Shiki cannot. His main task is to take care of newborn Shiki and teach them the ways of a vampire. He also kidnaps people from the city to have newborns feed on. Tatsumi is in charge of managing who is to be killed and when. When Toshio Ozaki became aware of the existence of Shiki, Tatsumi organized an invasion of the Ozaki clinic and murdered Setsuko Yasumori as a threat. He then plotted the assassination of Natsuno Yuuki when he, too became aware of the Shiki. Tatsumi is also responsible for entering Toshio's home and killing his wife, Kyoko. Toshio catches Tatsumi in the act and can only look on helplessly as Tatsumi taunts him. After the Kirishiki funeral home opens, Tatsumi is relieved of his grave-digging duties and can focus more on the village.

When Natsuno comes back to life as a Jinrou, Tatsumi explains that he only knows of four Jinrou including themselves. He then expresses that despite Sunako wanting Natsuno to join the Shiki, Tatsumi thinks it's a better idea to just kill him.


The End

Tatsumi likes the idea of a war between humans and Shikis, due to his love of chaos

The End

and sadistic nature. He also enchourages Seishirou to avenge Chizuru's death. When the war breaks out, villagers surround the Kirishiki Mansion where Sunako and Seishin Muroi are hiding. He leaves Sunako's safety up to the newly risen Seishin and decides to lure the villagers away so they could escape.

He takes a car and drives away from the mansion, the villagers chasing after him. The villagers shoot at the car, causing him to wreck. When he begins to run away, one of the villagers shoot him in the back, causing him to fall over. As he stands up, he gets hit by a van and crashes into the windshield. He ends up stealing the van but the villagers shoot at him again and he wrecks. He falls through the windshielf and onto the hood of the car. When he stands up, he gets shot by villagers and falls into water. He later finds Natsuno and they have a final fight. Natsuno tackles Tatsumi and they both end up falling into a deep hole where the villagers disposed of the dead Shikis. In the anime, Natsuno takes out a bomb and lights it. When he sees the bomb, Tatsumi realizes that it was Natsuno's intention to fight next to the hole so they could both fall in. A few moments later, the bomb explodes, killing them both. In the manga, Tatsumi is impaled through a stalactite when he falls into the pit, making blood come rushing down his mouth. 

While dying, he tells Natsuno how much he admires Sunako and that he always knew that Sunako's plan wouldn't work. He thought it was interesting so he just went along with it. He also believes that Jinrou really are the perfect vampires and that the regular Shiki are just failures. Tatsumi also reveals that he wanted to see the world end with his own two eyes and that he wanted to be the last man standing. He also reveals that in his life as a human, he wanted to kill himself. But thanks to Sunako he was able to live this long. He has a lot of fun being by Sunako's side.



Anime Appearances

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