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Tenth Mourning
Name Kanji (だい)(とう)() Dai Tou Wa
Opening Kuchizuke
Ending Walk no Yakusoku
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It is good to note that this episode mainly takes place on Monday night, with several flashbacks to Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, October 1, Senpu

Azusa Koide brings tea for Shizuka, who is waiting in Natsuno's room for him to come home. However, when Natsuno gets home, she has gone out through the window. He phones Akira and warns him to make sure his family doesn't let strangers into the house.

Sunday, October 4, Butsumetsu

Yuuki finds Natsuno's room plastered with all the talismans that Akira and Kaori got for him. He gets mad, and removes them all. He can't stand that superstitious religous stuff.

Monday, October 3, Taian

Natsuno spends the day worrying about the shiki coming after him. He arms himself as best he can, with a wrench.

That evening, Tatsumi instructs the assembled shiki that they are going to raid the Ozaki Clinic, so they can recover Nao's prey, Setsuko. He seems to be using the same hypnosis as they do with the living, to force obedience. Oddly, Little Shiki Girl is not with them, although she shows up at the raid. Shizuka advises that Natsuno will be killed that night. Megumi protests but is told that they have to get rid of Natsuno, because he knows about their existence. Megumi wishes to kill Natsuno herself, but Tatsumi threatens to purge her if she disobeys orders.

Tuesday, October 4, Shakku

Just after midnight (making it Tuesday), the raid on the Ozaki Clinic takes place (as seen in the previous episode). Megumi then rushes to Natsuno's house, intent on being the one to kill him.

Natsuno hears knocking on his bedroom window. It's Tohru, come to kill him. Ashamed, Tohruruns off. Megumi encounters Tohru, who bursts into tears. Natsuno rushes out of his house to look for Tohru. However, he encounters Tatsumi, who introduces himself. Tatsumi tells Natsuno that he's a threat just like the doctor, and will be eliminated for the safety of their existence. Natsuno brandishes the wrench, as Tatsumi invites Megumi out from the bushes to finish the job. Before she can attack him, Tohru appears behind Natsuno and bites him, after which the boy collapses.

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