The Final Hunt
Name Kanji (さい)(しゅう)() Saishuu Wa
Opening Calendula Requiem
Ending Moonlight Beauty
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Megumi tries to escape for the city but is discovered by the villagers and cornered by tractors. They pin her down multiple times causing her to break down and curse them for their cruelty throughout her life. She is then grotesquely killed, while flames begin to consume the village. The remaining villagers have little time to escape the fire. They quickly hide the dead bodies, so that they won't be found by the people coming to help from the town nearby. Natsuno lights an explosive in the pit with the dead bodies, thus killing himself and Tatsumi. Sunako hides in a church, where she's found and about to be killed, but at the last minute, Seishin saves her. As the church goes up in flames, she declares that because she has been forsaken by God, she wants to abandon herself and finally die there. It is then discovered Seishin has also become a jinrou and he talks her out of it, saying that even though she's no longer under God's jurisdiction, she never lost her faith in Him. They are the only surviving shikis who managed to escape the village. As the villagers are driven away from the village that is now beyond salvation, Ozaki ponders whether all his fight has been for nothing and he has failed, because in the end the village actually died out.

As firetrucks pour down the streets towards the burning villages, they pass a car: Seishin driving along with a box beside him...

After the credits a short continuation reveals Akira and Kaori Tanaka riding a bus. Natsuno's father Yūki enters at a stop. For a moment, the brother and sister look away, but Yūki smiles at them.

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