Third Tragedy
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Name Kanji (だい)(さん)() Dai San Wa
Opening Kuchizuke
Ending Walk no Yakusoku
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Seishin works on a novel called Shiki, which describes the undead.

Thursday, August 25, Senshou

Natsuno goes to school and meets his best friend, Tooru Mutou, along with Ritsuko. He hitches a ride with them to Mizobe, where they later meet up with a fellow classmate, Masao Murasako, who intensely dislikes Natsuno.

Friday, August 26, Tomobiki

Masao goes to the library, where he is startled by the librarian, Yuzuki, who looks stoned. Masao is a strange kid, sometimes making inappropriate comments. He has an estranged relationship with his family. Natsuno remembers how he did not want anything to do with the villagers since he moved here, until he met Tooru.

Dr. Ozaki still cannot find a source to the anemia-afflicted victims. His childhood friend, Mikiyasu Yasumori, returns with his wife Nao, who's condition has worsened. Toshio questions Mikiyasu whether his workers or clients have been ill, and Mikiyasu tells him that his family met the Kirishiki couple a few nights ago while lighting fireworks for the Bon festival. Toshio knows how sick Nao is, but downplays it to Mikiyasu.

Seishin meets Sunako Kirishiki, who claims to be a fan of his essays. She notices the wrist scar from his suicide attempt. She snaps at him for calling her 'Miss' (Sunako-chan in the Japanese), because she hates being treated like a child.

Sunday, August 28, Butsumetsu

Nao passes away the next day from her illness. Masao arrives at Tooru's house to announce her death and discovers Natsuno staying over. He almost gets into a fight with Natsuno before Tooru breaks them up. Tooru goes outside to get a soft drink and meets Tatsumi, who is the Kirishiki's steward, and invites Tatsumi to come visit him in his house. Tatsumi ominously tells Tooru that he definitely will, and will bring a friend.

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