Thirteenth Tragedy
Name Kanji (だい)(とう)() Dai Tou Wa
Opening Calendula Requiem
Ending Gekka Reijin
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Natsuno dreams of running away from the village, even though he is too weak to move from his bed.

Saturday, October 8, Shakku

Toshio treats his latest patient, Mikiyasu's father Tokujiro, who is now ill. Tokujiro confirms that he dreams of seeing Nao when Toshio asks him. Toshio knows that Nao is now targeting her father-in-law and requests Tokujiro to stay in hospital, but he refuses. Toshio is stunned to hear from his mother that Kyoko has collapsed in her room. He diagnoses her and discovers she has been attacked by shiki as well.

Shinmei Muroi, Seishin's father, insists on visiting Tokujiro, who is an old friend, despite being permanently paralyzed from a stroke.

Meanwhile, Natsuno sees Tohru and tells him to enter. He tells Tohru that he won't be able to leave the village. Tohru sobs as he bites into Natsuno.

Sunday, October 9, Senshou

Natsuno's father returns home and finds a note from his wife, saying that she is leaving the village now that their son is dead. He enters Natsuno's room and find him dead, whereupon he finally snaps.

The helpers and monks at the temple discuss the weird deaths going on and learn that a new funeral home and clinic have been opened recently. Seishin brings his father to see Tokujiro, although both of them said nothing at all. He later suspects that his father knows about the okiagari when he queries about the illness.

Kaori and Akira grieve over Natsuno's death. While both of them make plans to protect themselves from okiagari, Megumi has set her sights on Kaori's family, starting with her father.

Toshio watches as Kyoko flat-lines, observing the fresh bite marks and open windows beside her bed. He then places bags of ice around the corpse, presumably to preserve the body if she fails to become an okiagari and begins to decompose.

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