• Hi!

    I'm from the Ouran Highschool Host Club Wiki and I was wondering if the wiki can affiliate with the Shiki Wiki. If you'd like to, here is wiki's wordmark

    I'm looking forward for your reply :)

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    • We're already indirectly affiliated by both affiliating with the Animanga project and displaying its footer on our homepages. While I'm not opposed to direct affiliation, I feel like there should be some basis of similarity between the two series for us to found it upon.

      Do you happen to know if there's even a subtle link, like the manga being produced by the same company, a voice actor who does a role in both series, etc?

      It appears both are licensed by Funimation so perhaps we could host that template?

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    • Yeah, it appears that both series are licensed by FUNimation.

      I was just asked by an admin on that wiki to go around and ask affiliation from the Ouran User's favorite wikis. See: and

      So... Would you like to affiliate?

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    • I'm not opposed to that but I seem to recall there being a funimation footer... it appears that w:Template:FunimationWikis does link to both Shiki and Ouran. That thing could use some work though... I'd probably split the works based on production year, or possibly licensing year.

      If it means a link from Ouran then a link to Ouran could be put on ours, though I don't exactly know the code, but feel free to put it there in a similar fashion if you're reciprocating.

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