• The page for Shiki states: "It has been proven that not all bitten humans rise up as none of Nao's family rose up as shiki despite having their blood drained by her. This indicates the bitten needs to have a quality about them that makes them want to rise up."

    My impression from watching Shiki was that you rise depending on genetics, as this is what Nao believes after none of her family rose, and what Megumi seems to believe due to her refusing to feed on her family.

    My question is whether you may know of some piece of lore which could shed further light on this?


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    • Yeah, that's definitely not right. Tatsumi tells her that it's genetics, essentially. I'll try to find when he said that and I'll fix the page.

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    • Of course, thank you very much.

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    • On second thoughts, perhaps passion for life (or something along those lines) does play a part in whether one rises or not, for aren't Jinrou determined through similar vague qualities?

      However, if that were the case, characters like Tooru should not have come back in the first place, as they despise what they have become and seemingly would rather a conventional death.

      Yet if Tatsumi explicitly says that genetics are the definitive factor then that all but settles the matter.

      My apologies, i really need to stop spamming this thread.

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