• Um hello... I am really bad at direct messaging but...[Actually is this a direct message? How do you direct message? I don't know how to send a Private Message... or a Direct Message... IS there a difference?] 

    I am messaging you to ask you a question. Yes, a question... because I am writing a Shiki fanfiction about Megumi and I thought maybe you'll be interested [OR s/he will probably hate it] so I was putting a message on your wall [Wait will s/he even get to see this on the wall??? I don't know].

    Anyways as I was not really able to find a lot of people interested in Shiki [maybe because it's older or people are just annoying or maybe I have no idea how to find people... I mean I found all the people on here but nobody posts anymore.. ok this person replied to me but nobody else did... Oh yeah that is why I am posting on their wall... I should get back to the point...]

    And I though maybe you would like to help me writing my fanfiction? [S/he probably hates fanfiction? S/he probably just liked the novel book I never found or read....] OR if not you could contribute ideas for the story and work with me? [Why would S/he do that... s/he probably hates me and would find it an inconvienience] I was hoping you would consider it because you might know Megumi more so then I and it would possibly help me a lot... [S/he is probably shaking her head in disgust reading all this...]

    Anyways if you wanna read and give feedback on chapter 1, My fanfiction is the first Newest story on the Shiki Fanfiction page [S/he probably won't go... S/he will probably leave a bad review or click out instantly if she reads it]...And you can message me on there because I don't know how to message on here and Fanficion has a very clear Private Message area [S/he probably thinks I am a fool and there is probably a better and easy and obvious way to Private Message on this site and I am just missing it]

    Anyways let me know please [Maybe I should rewrite all this?]

    Also I am not like Megumi [Megumi wouldn't write anything like this at all.....]

    I Watch Horror Anime To See The Reality In Life... (talk) 15:32, July 6, 2019 (UTC)

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    • Hello :) First of all thank you for messaging me, I wouldn't mind helping you with character information for Megumi if that's what you meant? There sadly isn't a way to private message someone except for putting a message on their wall :( Which site is it exactly that you are writing the fanfiction on?  Mind linking me it?
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    • Sure. I didn't know if that was allowed:

      Here is the link to shiki Fanfiction:

      Here is the direct link to the one I am writing:

      I kinda wanted to be entertaining when first messaging you so I hope you found that interesting rather then annoying. I can get when people ask you to look at something they personally wrote, they usually think it more of an annoyance or a hassle. So I did the whole "fish,line,sink" [How does that go? Basically catch your interest in some manner]...

      And my intention was for a multitude of reasons:

      - To gain information and insight... I have read some of your posts and they seem very informative and well written. I actually have used some of that knowedge in my general ideas for a fanfiction.

      - To start obtaining friends [or people] who know about Shiki or are interested in things I am interested in. I actually don't have friends or family and Although I think Megumi is a bit cruel and mean in the anime I can definity see a lot of her in me  in regard to some aspects. Such as I often say "I hate this world" and such things. It makes me laugh to think about it... IT's always nice so see something in someone else that you have in yourself... [Here is a link to a comment I made in reply to someone on the Sunako wiki page: ...So yeah I suppose I think differently] But to get back on point although there is a community here most people have posted long ago and left and don't stay to talk anymore...

      - To get a writing/story partner. IT wouldbe nice to share ideas and thoughts with people. Why you personally? Because you messaged and replied to me on the Megumi wiki as well and you seem pretty insightful and seem like a cool person... Of course you can always assume a lot of things, but that doesn't make them true... I'm quite the morbid person actually.

      In honesty, I don't know what I want. I have not known what I wanted in a long time...I often feel I have great expectations just to end in something futile.It's kind of like life: We live to die and only meander in our own selfish ways during the whole ride.

      Anyways I am going to post this reply now. I have to go to work.

      I await your reply... Also what do you think each characters personality type would be? I am an INFJ [The Rarest Personality Type]. If you're interested you can tell me yours too by taking a short Personality Test at this link:

      don't expect my story to be something amazing or outstanding. I am not the best writer and each of my chapters is about 1000 words. I generally like having a length of about that. BUT I do have another chapter ready to post. I can post it tonight if you like my first chapter? I'd love a person to help me with my story.

      Anyways - later!

      Blackpinkcat wrote:

      Hello :) First of all thank you for messaging me, I wouldn't mind helping you with character information for Megumi if that's what you meant? There sadly isn't a way to private message someone except for putting a message on their wall :( Which site is it exactly that you are writing the fanfiction on?  Mind linking me it?
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    • I read it :) One of the suggestions I have is to proof-read since there was some mistakes and grammar mistakes generally. As for characters' personalities, okay let me begin with Megumi first. So it felt a little wrong to me that Megumi actually began to tear up after thinking it was just a dream, I'd rather imagine her being like "What the heck I'm so silly for dreaming of something crazy like this!". I also feel like she should be even more friendly towards Kaori now because in the novels for example, she's much more friendlier. She's even nicer in the manga tbh, you should read it. I'll link you the manga here. It might help you understand the characters a little better since anime missed a few moments that manga had. For Yuuki I think he is fine and for Kaori I think she should seem more delusional/oblivious. Like make her think Megumi actually adores her which she does now but obviously in the anime she doesn't haha. I think the story is alright though a bit random. I got lost at a few parts like that random moment when she fell to the ground and got hit by a car but a second earlier she was near Yuuki. How did that happen? Should've explained it a little better. Considering she already knows Kirishikis are vampires I doubt she'll go there but rather maybe keep silent since everyone would make even more fun of her if she spoke up abt her dream and stuff. It would be interesting if EVERYONE in Sotoba had the same dream but everyone's scared to speak up due to fear of judgment and then in the end the same thing happens again where the village starts dying and then it makes u wonder what if they knew everything even before (in the first original version of Shiki) but were afraid of speaking up :O that would be an amazing plot-twist. I'd like some Megumi outfit descriptions too since she's so well-known for her outfit choices. It'd be awesome if Megumi and Yuuki went against the Kirishikis together this time or if maybe Megumi did die but rebelled against the Kirishikis since she wasn't experiencing it for the first time anymore. Would be also a cool plot-twist if Sotoba was a cursed village with an anniversary where the tragedy constantly repeats itself but the residents are afraid to speak up and are lost in time so basically the same tragedy happens over and over and Megumi and Yuuki try to stop it together with Kaori and Akira, it'd be cool if Tohru, Masao, Aoi and Tamotsu were in the team of teens as well! :D these are just my ideas though. Would be also cute if maybe Yuuki and Megumi went to a cafe at Mizobe town and he actually falls in love with her... <3 Overall much potential in your story. 
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    • Hey I am on mobile replying again because my whole reply got deleted when I sent it.....

      I went and edited chapter 1 a bit taking away teary eyes... I don't care much about grammar as long as the story is understandable.

      Megumi and Kaori will grow closer unless something bad happens to change that.

      I will read some of the Manga Comic before work tomorrow too.

      Also Megumi wasn't right next to Yuuki. She stopped in the middle of the road when she saw Yuuki was ok.

      I have something planned for dreams/memories. I also change the timeline a bit...

      I won't make it too much like "When They Cry"...

      I am definitely a fan of Romance....

      I have a few questions:

      - What is it like in a big city? I have no idea and I would like to know so I can relate better to Megumi.

      - Who do you think would go to school with her? I am going to have some school scenes.

      - How should I describe her outfit? I've never been good at outlining details about a piece of clothing so how can I without line after line of detail?

      - Can you answer my other questions I left you in my other reply? Also do you want to be friends?

      Gotta sleep... Message me...?

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    • Sounds great :) 1. Megumi imagines the big city as a place where she can escape, a place where everyone focuses on themselves and where it's easy to find a job of ur life, a place where everyone dresses nicely and is materialistic 2. Uh, Kaori was a year younger than Megumi so they wouldn't go to school together. Natsuno was in the same class as her, I also think Tamotsu and Aoi were in the same class. Tamotsu and Aoi are Tohru's younger siblings. Masao, Tohru, Kaori and Akira definitely wouldn't be going to the same class as her considering Megumi, Yuuki, Tamotsu and Aoi are all 15/16. Kaori is 15 but is a year younger basically and Akira is around 14. Masao is 17 and Tohru is also around 17/18 so they wouldn't be going to same class as her. Kaori and Akira are in middle school in Mizobe Town but Masao, Tohru, Yuuki, Aoi and Tomatsu go to highschool like Megumi. 3. You just say it, for school uniform u just say She wore a dress length white shirt with a light green plaid tie and a light green plaid mini skirt. For her socks she usually wore the black knee length socks and for her shoes she either wore some black shoes with heels or punky black boots. She's also shown to keep her nails painted and to have lipstick at school and also earrings. Those weren't in anime but were in manga, she had blue gem star earrings with little pearls. Her bag for school was a dark pink bag with magenta details and I think dark stars around her bag, she would also put cute monster and animal keychains on her bag. 4. Sure, I already consider you a friend haha <3 Which question is it that you're talking about from last reply :O 
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    • You seem to know a lot about Shiki Characters...I'm not sure I can write them very well enought to appease you and others... You should write a fanfiction so I can read it.... Could you ever consider such a thing?

      I can probably add some detailsa tiny bit about her outfits but I never really cared to be so specific about things like that...

      Do you think I wrote her right in chapter 2?I want to mke her a bit less greedy and stuff... OR do you think that would destroy her character? I'm not wanting to get her to love the village but if she can find some kind of contentment in it...? I can also see people considering that an insult. If I hated something and someday realized I was being content with my situation, it might anger me and make me want to revolt. Anyways I feel I can write her as she is but my point is to make a different ending and kinda changing her a bit.

      I guess maybe they were not really questions but I was wondering to get your insight on my comment on the Sunako wiki and if you could do a personality test and give me your result and if you do some research I'd like to know which ones you think each character is...? If you don't care for any of that it's ok too...

      If we are friends... What do friends do together? I am almost 30 and I have not had a real friend for probably about 13 years.

      Which character are you most like and least like? Why? For your favorite character what is something you dislike about them and for your east favorite character what is something you like about them [personalites and aesthetics are both applicable but I perfer personality testing]........................... dots..........................

      I'm going to be doing chores today and going to work.

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    • Oh and also I want to make someone try to insult or bully Megumi in the school.... Any ideas for who would be good about that?

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    • And another thing... I found an interesting video about memory... Check it out?

      At the ending he kinda shouts out a sponsor [I hate when people do that... damn sell outs].. But it is very interesting video.

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    • Decided to do chores tomorrow and read the comics today. That site won't work for me using the StarBucks Wifi so I am using another site. There are some differences for sure.

      I actually watched shiki starting from episode 4  a few days ago. I oringally say the first few ones a long time ago but never finished it. I have reasons and a story I won't tell as to why that is...

      Now reading the first coupel chapter Yuuki and Megumi seem pretty similar. They both want to be in the city and they hate the village somewhat. Megumi loves Yuuki... Why Though? Just because he used to live in a city? OR because he is the strong looking silent type who ignores her? It makes me wonder how she got interested in the City. Some of her actions seem like she doesn't know how the city is [Like pretending the Kirishikis would instantly love her and welcome her in... I mean though technically they did welcome her in and make her a shiki but still....] so I was thinking maybe to make it like some kinda thing she found and got really interested in and when the village insulted and made fun of her she wanted to prove them wrong... or something. Maybe I am crazy or dumb to ask but does their village have Televisions? OR just newspapaers? Geez I seem to lack a brain... did they have phones? My brain is soo terrible!!!! Anyways Yuuki seems to lack care. When he learns Megumi died he instanly thinks "Oh she died... I can have my windows open now". To me that seems very cruel...Why does he distaste her so much? Just because she has a thing for him? How can people be so similar and hate each other so much? or love one one side .... hah....

      Also Megumi's letter to Yuuki is actually really adorable!! hahahah!

      Is it ok if I send you these messages as I read? Maybe you can address each one and I can read them all? I hope they don't randomly get deleted if I send too many???

      I wonder if we saved these messages and sent them to people to read maybe it could inspire someone to add to the conversation? Is that a thing? I know we have comment sections but nobody is there?

      MY favorite character is actually Sunako. I hope that is not too cliche or anything.... But do you think I write like Megumi would at all? Maybe I am terrible and awful but I sometimes imagine I am other people like that but I'm sure I probably don't actually act or sound like them at all...

      I am going to post this now...

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    • Why did Yuuki go to Megumi's funeral just to leave like that? He seems to hate the village like Megumis does...But it also seems he considers her part of the village and thinks she treats him like the village treats him and labels him in some manner. [Ironic because he labels her like that so he is doing the same thing right?]

      Kaori is definitly super caring... I kinda have half of an idea to ship her with Megumi... What do you think of that idea? hahahaha

      All the main characters always bump into each other... I wonder if I lived in a village of 1300 people... Would I always see the same people so often? I really wonder how I would feel like that... I'm not sure though... Because... I actually live in my car and use public wifi. And I know for a fact that people don't seem to always bump into each other. IF I go one place for a month and then another place for a month I never see the same people as the other place. Try going to a Mcdonalds for 8 hours a day for a month and then a Taco Bell for 8 hours a day for a month and see if you see the same people. You won't. You'll notice there are regulars that hang out there every day and also some people who come in often but not all the time and then just random people. Some times you will see people you have seen at the other location but sometime you never see these people again too... Also Starbucks is my favorite. They have really fast wifi and whenever they mess up or make an extra drink they call out that it is free and I can get a free drink [It's amazing how many people will buy overpriced coffee but refuse a free one....] and they et you stay in their lobby for hours and hours playing on your laptop without buying anything... hahaha. I probably have a 1:1 ratio of how many drink I have bough and how many things I have gotten for free. They actually give out their sandwich meal packs sometimes at night if the experation date is close by. And I'm nothing special, they do that for everyone. I certainly don't look "homeless" or anything.

      Ugh I gotta pee so I'm gonna post this...

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    • 1. I don't really take interest in writing fanfictions, mainly because I almost never finish my work if it takes long, I am also an artist myself, I have 1000 Megumi digital sketches that I never painted simply because I lost motivation and got bored of it.  
      2. Even tiny bits are enough to make her character pop a bit more :) 
      3. I haven't read the chapter 2, link it to me please. I think she should be greedy still but not dangerous or willing to kill because let's not forget Megumi would never become so evil if she hadn't turned into a shiki, turning into a shiki made her less patient and considerate and she went power hungry. As a human I doubt she'd taunt Kaori, try to avoid her eyes but taunt her while sitting on her window at 2 am causing her to go insane, no. However as a human she was very clumsy. I'm not sure how anime exactly wanted to portray her because she has more than one anime girl stereotype in her, aside from being "hot but dumb" she also turns out to be among the smartest characters. Considering the big-boobed dumb characters usually love everyone but in Megumi's case she thinks she's smarter and better than everyone and lowkey despises most of the characters, for her it's a totally different story. So aside from being clumsy, cute and hot, I wouldn't say she should be dumb but rather mature? Kaori is not attractive but she's fairly dumb and oblivious. That's why shiki is very unique, characters aren't very stereotypical as much as you try to make them appear as stereotypes. 
      4. When it comes to her finding contentment in the village, I doubt it. The only things that bring her joy as she already said herself are Natsuno and Kanemasa. I think it was mentioned somewhere that Megumi was a really good student. She for example hates school but is actually really good at studying while Kaori is a good girl that likes school but doesn't get the best grades. Natsuno seems not to hate studying but his grades are also really good like Megumi's. It's kind of weird for a girl like Megumi to be a really good student haha. So aside from Megumi studying and preparing for her future dream-life, the only things she does is writing constant letters for Natsuno that she never sends or just taking long walks around Sotoba or stalking Natsuno. Sotoba is a boring place, the only thing aside from this could be going to a cafe to Mizobe town and maybe going to some clothing store. One of the few reasons why Megumi seemed unbothered being a Shiki was because she enjoyed the new community. Her life finally got better and exciting, she had no limitations for her clothes and she was actually surrounded by elegant wealthy people. 
      5. As for different ending and changing her a bit, go for it. She's pretty much harmless and innocent as human.
      6. I agree with ur comment, though not completely like for example when it comes to Hitler since I despise him but I do agree that the humans were no better than the Shiki. (obviously)
      7. I don't really do personality tests. I kind of know how I am and usually receive good results. For example for aura test I got "calm aura" or something like that, not sure haha.
      8. That could be a problem, unless you don't mind. I am just a teenager, Megumi's age actually so it could be weird or even dumb for you but I don't mind having older friends honestly. 
      9. I think I am the most like Megumi and Natsuno because of the things they thought/wanted but I am not really as cold as them though. I don't think I'm like Tatsumi at all for example considering I'm not destructive nor a nihilist like him. 
      10. When it comes to Megumi and bullying hm.. I could imagine Natsuno sitting in the last seat near the window in classroom and Megumi sitting a seat in front of him so they're basically close to each other near the window. I could imagine him passing out mid-class and Megumi just staring at him thinking how cute he is. I could also imagine Megumi just drawing some cute chibi animals and monsters since she seemed to take interest in those kind of cutesy things or simply looking out the window watching cherry blossom petals get carried by the wind. I can even imagine her lunchbox being pink and all cute with some cute details all over it though Megumi would probably be a terrible cook as it's mentioned in the novels I think that she would only eat icecreams during summer and that was one of the reasons why Toshio thought she had anemia (aside from the other symptoms). For bullying though, I can imagine a group of let's say 3 jealous girls her age, less pretty and confident. I think they'd maybe bully her for wearing revealing clothes or being "capacious" as that was what the villagers in Sotoba mostly gossiped about her. I don't think it'd upset her and I'm pretty sure she'd ignore them at first and then throw a roast at them and then they'd just go away and leave her alone. I doubt Megumi would be friends with anyone at school, aside from staring at Natsuno during class I think Tohru's sister Aoi would try to strike a conversation with her every now and then. I remember Aoi liked talking to Natsuno at school so Megumi could also stare at Aoi jealously but I suggest maybe Aoi could defend Megumi from the meangirls and then Megumi could change her view on her and maybe not be so jealous of every girl that talks to Natsuno. 
      11. Thank you for the video suggestion, I might check it out later when I find motivation to actually watch youtube. Kinda just wanna enjoy some rainy weather on my terrace for now.. Summer rains are super nice. 
      12. That's okay. The story in the beginning isn't as interesting considering it's just Toshio trying to find the cause for deaths so it gets boring after you already found out it's vampires, though I could rewatch episode 1 all the time, it's so cute how happy Megumi gets whenever Yuuki looks at her. 
      13. Megumi falls in love with Yuuki mainly because she sees him as an escape from the life she never wanted. What she feels is true love but it came with a dumb reason and that was basically because he was from the city and she wanted to get closer to it, to meet someone who was different just like her. 
      14. I'm pretty sure the plot of Shiki was around 70's-90's so I'm pretty sure the city wasn't as modern as it is now for example and the technology wasn't as advanced. It was probably just as she imagined but could've been a little different considering she's never been there so it was just her image of how a city looked though I doubt she'd get disappointed even if she did get to the city considering her fantasy wasn't that different from reality. 
      15. For Kirishikis, they did like her in the end because she wasn't basic. She just wanted people that were like her really and they did accept her. 
      16. I'm sure they did have phones and television but the majority of villagers was either too poor to have it or just didn't care for those things. 
      17. Yuuki partly avoids her because she is invading his privacy with her innocent crush but I also think he's just a little full of himself so he sees her as less of importance cause she is from the village. 
      18. Yeah Megumi and Kaori have a cute relationship. Megumi had moments where she'd talk about Yuuki with her and I think they'd even hide in the bushes together stalking on him shipping him with Megumi. 
      19. About main characters constantly bumping into eachothers... let's look at it this way. If they didn't bump into each others would they even be of that much imporance for the story? 
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    • Why do you think people are so distant? I live in the USA and I 'm not even sure what classification it is but it's not a big city or a tiny village or whatever...I always see people [especailly young people] and they are so distant... I may even be a part of the problem. I take mybackpack and uppack my laptop and sit down with a earphones and mouse and whenever I need to pee or something I pack up all my items each and every time. For me I really dislike when people look at me and ask "Hey. Would you look after my things for me." or something. My two thoughts are 1. Why are you so lazy that you can't pack your things and take them with you and 2. Why are you asking a stranger to protect your items from another stranger? So I always say no. I actually am the only person I know of who says no to that request. Do you think that is wrong of me? Also when I am not sitting in a corner I am alway looking behind me and making sure nobody is watching me, especially when I am putting in passwords [yeah on public wifi, I know]... And whenever someone looks at me I feel like scowling. I think... "is this person judging me?" or "what do they want?". Maybe I am not such a nice person and it does make me feel like I am a bit like Yuuki, Megumi and others like Masao. Tbh I found him way annoying although that first quote on Masao wiki page [I am writing this after the below lines]  that has him saying "You're cold, Natsuno. I heard you wouldn't even accept a keepsake after Shimizu died." I like that because it is weird. It makes it seem like he likes Megumi. Maybe I should ship them huh? hahaha

      Or what about a love tirangle? Masao hates Yuuki, Yuuki hates Megumi, Megumi hates Masao... Perfect huh?

      REname me Titanic please?!!?

      Why does Masao Hate Yuuki... let me just... look at the wiki... Oh ok...

      I need to read more and I'll post this now... Do you like reading these or are they annoying?

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    • Yeah Masao actually has a crush on Megumi. And it's all good. 

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    • I'm gonna ship Muroi and Sunako.... Maybe not in the same fanfic though...

      Also Tooru and Ritsuko seem super nice and friendly... I am probably too morbid for them haha... Actually all those nurses seemed quite kind and passionate. I really like passionate people. Even if I disagree with them you have to respect someone who conveys confidence and believes in themselves and their convictions... Was Toshio all that confident? What do you think?

      Why does Megumi have yellow hair on one ofthe coloured pages? Weird...

      If you were a character in Shiki what would you do? Also who would be your friends and who would be your enemies? Why?

      I think I'm way to distant to make friends... At least in person. I often think "I hate people" and "I hate this world".. Does that make me a bad person? I strongly believe in honour and integrity and I have my own morals, it's just a lot of the things in this world disgust me.It's not fair... You know someone was talking at work the other day. He was asking how it was fair about something. And I though to myself a new quote I can use "Life is about as fair as your birth..." We don't choose to be in this world. Some dude just stuck his thing in some woman and you poped out of her. We dont' choose to be born or to be raised in a rich or poor area. We don't choose what values are instilled on us at a young age [though usually we don't retain such values] We don't choose the genetics or features we have, or what illnesses we may have. We don't choose our education systen ot if people treat us with malice or affection. We don't choose any of these things. We always hold our individuality so high but you and I could be completely different people based solely on the prerequisites of our existance... And even today every second there are different chances to alter our lives. And I'm sure as I drive to work today as I travel at just under the speed limit, I'll watch all these other people driving past me at such high speeds. I wonder if they are living the same or if they are rushing their lives away. Maybe I am wrong but I feel other people are all in a rush to die. They don't think about these things. They only think about "I gotta be there now" " I gotta do this now" "I'm so busy all the time I can't stop to think about [whatever]"...

      I don't really mean to bore you or bother you with these things... Consider it me just "thinking out loud"... [like that song by Ed Sheeran huh? IT can make you warm and happy andthink all these great things like a fairy tale...But I like his "Lego House" song a bit more... I wonder if it's true that you can understand people in their music choice? Or is it just blah what everyone likes the same things... I honeslty don't I dislike overhyped music or shows. I'm sure you have seem me call "manga" as a "comic"... It's because I don't like to act like everyone else. also I dont like someone who hates me just because of my choice of words.... Anyways I would surely be okay with sharing more songs. I promise they aren't all romance. Blame me I love Romance and Horror....]

      It is 2:30 pm my time and I am going to my job. I'll get there are about 2:50 and I'll eat a meal and relax a bit... then I'll clock in at 4pm...I'm never in a rush. I'm not in a rush to die... Yet I'm not entirely sure how to feel about that concept... 

      Well I await your reply if you wish... Later!

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    • Blackpinkcat wrote: Yeah Masao actually has a crush on Megumi. And it's all good. 

      I'm on Mobile and don't know how to reply correctly so I will reply here but keep short as I am clocking into work in 15 Minutes

      - Here is the link to the chapter 2:

      Click back button if you wanna reread any small changes to chapter 1.

      Tell me what you think? And you gave me some ideas... Also I am making up my own backstories and stuff so try to be receptive to that ..

      Also I don't mind age. Older or Younger.

      So if you're her age can you tell me how you see the world? How is school? Do you have friends? Etc.......?

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    • I am going to be doing chores today and working [and going back to bed because I woke up early]... But the next time I read the comics do you mind if I write out all my ideas and posthem here? Would that be ok?

      Blackpinkcat wrote: Yeah Masao actually has a crush on Megumi. And it's all good. 

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    • Can we only discuss regarding Shiki here? Because anyone can read your thoughts and it's just not very private. Also sure keep me updated but let's write here only about Shiki, not our private lives. Alright? (Not trying to be rude or anything but anyone can invade our privacy this way haha)

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    • What do you mean only discuss Shiki? I gave you other options of messaging if you want to talk in private. honestly I have not really given anything that personal. My banking info and social security and exact specific location have not been posted on here... Also this is your page on the Shiki forums so it doesn't have to be about Shiki anyways.
      I literally asked you in a prior comment if you'd want to share this with others so people could read a discussion....
      Basically I am thinking you are trying to tell me you don't actually want to be friends. You're saying the whole "I don't know you" thing. You can talk to anyone and as long as it's online you clearly "Don't know" then... I bet if you met some random person in person you would tell them anything and not even care...
      I hate people like that. You clearly don't like me at all.
      You use false pretense to look like you care about me but in reality you are just trying to do something for yourself. Clearly you don't trust me and and don't want to engage in a real discussion with me.
      So instead of answering my question you ask your own pretending you care about my privacy when in fact you only care about your own because you don't like me and don't trust me.
      "We are Real Friends. We NEVER discuss anything personal and only talk about ONE topic at all times..." - BlackPinkCat [Suggested Quotation] 
      Sure... In fact we don't need to talk any more at all. I consider Shiki something personal to me so I won't discuss it at all with you since you hate me so much.... I need to stop being to kind and friendly to people from day 1. You people only like Megumi's and Yuuki's because they hate you and you want to earn their affections...
      'Blackpinkcat wrote:
      Can we only discuss regarding Shiki here? Because anyone can read your thoughts and it's just not very private. Also sure keep me updated but let's write here only about Shiki, not our private lives. Alright? (Not trying to be rude or anything but anyone can invade our privacy this way haha)
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    • You must have said all that due to what I asked:
      "So if you're her age can you tell me how you see the world? How is school? Do you have friends? Etc.......?"
      Wow... Do I scare you that much? Please don't get so full of yourself... It's been soo long since I was that age... I simply wanted to know what it was like again... and hearing a new generation's perspective might be interesting. I hate nostalgia... It makes me want to die and wake up 20 years ago... The chance to live live over... Trust me you'll feel the same some day...
      Anyways if you don't ever want to talk again then that is fine, but please keep the current discussion for my viewing as you have presented some good ideas I might want to use in my story.
      Blackpinkcat wrote:
      Can we only discuss regarding Shiki here? Because anyone can read your thoughts and it's just not very private. Also sure keep me updated but let's write here only about Shiki, not our private lives. Alright? (Not trying to be rude or anything but anyone can invade our privacy this way haha)
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    • What the hell is wrong with you? You took it way too personally. You're actually making me mad right now and for all I now I could end this conversation right now and never reply to you again. Why would you ask me to be friends in the first place if you think so awfully of me? Literally asking someone to be friends just like that is not how it works and I never said LET'S BE REAL FRIENDS but by your question I assumed you wanted to talk more friendly but you should know for a fact true friends come with time not in a day on some forums. Second, When have I said I didn't care? The thing is you writing about what you're gonna do and your rude opinions on youth and life has nothing to do with Shiki nor this whole talk page. Third, who the heck said I was afraid of you? I don't have to be scared of you to not want to give out my personal information to someone I literally just met. And no I wouldn't give out my information like that to some random stranger. Are you trying to say I'm stupid? You're literally acting like some insane maniac right now. They do the same thing when you don't do as they asked. Try to make you feel horrible and guilty. Well mister, I couldn't care less about you now that you've shown your true colors. I'll kindly ask you not to talk to me again, you're forgiven for what you just said about me but don't expect me to be willing to talk with you again. I'm literally trying to see one good thing in your long ass text where you rant about me. Falsely imitating me and changing up the things I've said to make me look dumb and mean is not helping either. What you just wrote is the most immature thing a 30 year old could've ever written and I'd like you to re-read what you just said to me. Now excuse me please, I've got better things to do rather than arguing with an immature grown ass man.

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    • We don't need to use explicit language... Escalation isn't the preferable stance, you know....

      I asked if you wanted to be friends. You said you considered us friends already. I would have preferred to be after all....

      I have rude opinions? I am quite sure I do... Tell me what opinions of mine do you find rude? Be specific...

      How am I acting like an "insane maniac"? That is quite the claim... I'm intimidating you as well? Please... If you feel so threatened that you believe your life in danger, or that I am breaking applicable law, please consult law enforcement.

      "True Colors"? True Colours of an individual are like the manifestation of a rainbow and the different shades of that rainbow are simply a reflection... So like a reflection my "colors" are different shades depending on the stimuli applied. Of course if you show something I favor I'll be happier then if you have an opinion I disagree with...

      I'm glad you take me for a "man" then.... Surely you don't ever make assumptions or generalizations....

      As you requested I not contact you again, I shall not reply any further... This will be my last message to you unless you seek me out to communicate further. Bye.

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