I've been wondering about the structure of categories and terms to use for characters and stuff.

It seems like there are several steps that all people go through. The first being living, the second being a victim of vampire bites (seems like nearly everyone suffers this at some point), the third being dying of vampire bites, the fourth being risen, and the fifth being a risen who is killed (again).

Then we have some rare accessory categories like the 'werewolves' (I think tatsumi mentioned some alternative term for that in one ep but I forget) as well as that one woman (doc's mom I think) who was killed but not via vampire bites. Same with the woman who got shot by a guy who was hypnotized.

So I was thinking in regards to the 'dead' gategory, we could have subcategories like 'killed by feeding' (which would also be a subcat of 'fed upon', as would werewolves since they don't actually die) and those killed by feeding would have shikis as a subcat.

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