Sure. I didn't know if that was allowed:

Here is the link to shiki Fanfiction:

Here is the direct link to the one I am writing:

I kinda wanted to be entertaining when first messaging you so I hope you found that interesting rather then annoying. I can get when people ask you to look at something they personally wrote, they usually think it more of an annoyance or a hassle. So I did the whole "fish,line,sink" [How does that go? Basically catch your interest in some manner]...

And my intention was for a multitude of reasons:

- To gain information and insight... I have read some of your posts and they seem very informative and well written. I actually have use some of that knowedge in my general ideas for a fanfiction.

- To start obtaining friends [or people] who know about Shiki or are interested in things I am interested in. I actually don't have friends or family and Although I think Megumi is a bit cruel and mean in the anime I can definity see a lot of her in me  in regard to some aspects. Such as I often say "I hate this world" and such things. It makes me laugh to think about it... IT's always nice so see something in someone else that you have in yourself... [Here is a link to a comment I made in reply to someone on the Sunako wiki page: ...So yeah I suppose I think differently] But to get back on point although there is a community here most people have posted long ago and left and don't stay to talk anymore...

- To get a writing/story partner. IT wouldbe nice to share ideas and thoughts with people. Why you personally? Because you messaged and replied to me on the Megumi wiki as well and you seem pretty insightful and seem like a cool person... Of course you can always assume a lot of things, but that doesn't make them true... I'm quite the morbid person actually.

In honesty, I don't know what I want. I have not known what I wanted in a long time...I often feel I have great expectations just to end in something futile.It's kind of like life: We live to die and only meander in our own selfish ways during the whole ride.

Anyways I am going to post this reply now. I have to go to work.

I await your reply... Also what do you think each characters personality type would be? I am an INFJ [The Rarest Personality Type]. If you're interested you can tell me yours too by taking a short Personality Test at this link:

don't expect my story to be something amazing or outstanding. I am not the best writer and each of my chapters is about 1000 words. I generally like having a length of about that. BUT I do have another chapter ready to post. I can post it tonight if you like my first chapter? I'd love a person to help me with my story.

Anyways - later!

Blackpinkcat wrote:

Hello :) First of all thank you for messaging me, I wouldn't mind helping you with character information for Megumi if that's what you meant? There sadly isn't a way to private message someone except for putting a message on their wall :( Which site is it exactly that you are writing the fanfiction on?  Mind linking me it?
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