she didn't really care about masao in that moment, she never really did.. she wanted to kill him as soon as he arrived at the house because he wanted to enslave her child and even as human he was bullying them. why would she like someone who was always mean to her kids + acted like a spoiled jerk? As for Megumi, she never got to the city, she did run to the same place where she'd wait for the bus with Natsuno (the highway) but in the manga Natsuno does come for real in order to distract her (in the anime it was just an illusion) but in the manga he really did come to distract her so she could get hit by the truck. the pictures of her in the city were just what she imagined because while her staked body (still not dead) was getting carried to the hell hole where they put the dead corpses, in the back of the truck was her body with all of her clothes and fashion magazines and her head happened to be on top of a magazine with Laforet picture as the cover so she thought that she had finally made it and died happy... That's the most important thing about the whole chapter considering she was one of the more important characters and it was definitely portrayed more emotionally than in anime where she just gets straight-up tortured to death with no mercy for her whatsoever. 

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