A timeline of Shiki. The series takes place in 1994.



18th - Monday,Senbu

Motoko Maeda drops off her children, Shigeki and Shihori, at school and warns them to stay off the highway which they already knew. She then heads off to work at Chigusa. Her friends tell her she worries too much.


1st - Monday, (Taian)

2nd - Tuesday, Shakkou

The villagers are talking about the desecration of the jizo statues.

3rd - Wednesday, Senshou

4th - Thursday, Tomobiki

5th - Friday, Senbu

6th - Saturday, Butsumetsu

In the Yamairi area, the junior monk, Seishin Muroi, explains to two officers how a relative of the Murasakos, Shuugi Gotouda, died earlier in the morning due to a summer cold. He drove over to Yamairi to inform the family only to discover Mieko and Hidemasa Murasako's bodies. He ran over to use Gigorou Ookawa's phone only to discover he is dead too. When asked for the cause of death Takami explains that Mieko passed away from natural causes while the others were assumed to be the work of wild dogs in the area. With the three residents now dead Yamairi is now deserted.

Toshio Ozaki explains to his friend that while he believes the cause of death to be from a summer cold, the only fact that puzzles him is that Mieko Murasako died last which means she had been living with her husband's body for days.

7th - Sunday, Senshou

8th - Monday, Tomobiki

Megumi tries to put her letter to Natsuno Yuuki in the outpost but chickens out. Kaori Tanaka greets her friendly and joins Megumi's walk to school to Megumi's annoyance. Kaori tells Megumi about the dead bodies found in Yamairi but Megumi doesn't care. Kaori's brother, Akira, catches up with them with a newspaper telling about the same story. Megumi runs off in frustration.

While running Megumi spots Natsuno at the bus stop. She considers giving him her letter but decides against it. She tries talking to him but is ignored until she mentions how she wants to leave Sotoba.

9th - Tuesday, Senbu

At around 2 in the morning, Tae Yano and Kanami Yano are awoken by Tatsumi honking his horn. He explains to Kanami that he works for the Kirishikis, the ones who are moving up to the Kanemasa mansion and asks for directions and leaves. Seishin Muroi sees the truck from the temple.[1]

10th - Wednesday, Butsumetsu

11th - Thursday, Taian

People gossip about the Kirishikis. Kaori spots Megumi while on a walk and tells her she has heard about the family. Megumi becomes angered when Kaori says they were weird for moving the middle of the night and moving to Kanemasa and runs off to the mansion. She is seen by Seishirou Kirishiki and Tatsumi and they check on her after she hurt her ankle[2].

At 9pm, Hiroko phones Sachiko Tanaka who asks her daughter if she'd seen Megumi. She tells her that she went up towards the Kanemasa's after being teased by Akira[3]. Someone informs Tomio Ookawa who tells his son[4].

Atsushi Ookawa, Tomio Ookawa, Takeshi Mutou, and Yuuki search. They spot Takami who is infront of the mansion. He says he was told by Seishin Muroi and Toshio Ozaki told him to go there. Tatsumi begins helping look.[5]

12th - Friday, Shakkou

Past 3am, Megumi is found by Atsushi Ookawa off the side of a cliff[6].

At the Shimizus', Hiroko Shimizu, and Takeo Shimizu explain to Ozaki that their daughter hasn't moved or eaten and are worried. He examines her and only finds that she's anemic.[7]

13th - Saturday, Senshou

That evening Kaori takes her dog for a walk until she runs into Yasuyuki Ootsuka and one of the new residents of Kanemasa, Chizuru. Kari goes to check on Megumi and tells her about her encounter with Chizuru which catch's Megumi's attention. She remembered her and thought she was so pretty[8].

14th - Sunday, (Tomobiki)

15th - Monday, Senbu

At the Ozaki Hospital, Toshio is awakened by the phone and is shocked to hear that Megumi Shimizu died[9]. Toshio travels to the Shimizu's house. He asks to perform an atopsy, but is denied. He says that the time of death is 2 AM and the cause is acute heart failure[10].

Natsuno, Akira and Kaori are told as well[11].

16th - Tuesday, Butsumetsu

Kaori goes to Megumi's room and finds her postcard for Natsuno[12].

Natsuno's parents say they're about to leave for the funeral[13].

On his way to the funeral, Natsuno is picked by Tarou and Ritsuko Kunihiro. They see Tatsu Takemura and Oitarou Satou. They talk and then separate before he goes to her funeral[14].

Kaori attends Megumi's funeral. When she sees Natsuno, she tries to give him the postcard, but he declines and leaves[15]. The coffin is taken and Seishin is the priest. She begs to let her put her present she was planning to give Megumi on her birthday in the coffin and Seishin agreed. She puts a present in her coffin[16].

17th - Wednesday, Taian

Ritsuko Kunihiro and Toshio Ozaki talk about how Giichi Yasumori had died. Takeshi Mutou brings the results of Megumi's test. They discuss how she actually hadn't died from anemia[17].

18th - Thursday, (Shakkou)

Tae Yano visits Fuki Gotouda and says that she looks sluggish[18].

19th - Friday, (Senshou)

20th - Saturday, (Tomobiki)

Tae Yano visits Fuki Gotouda and finds that she was even worse. Her fever rose about 8.5 degrees. She suggest that she call the doctor, but Fuki says no[19].

21st - Sunday, Senbu

Tae Yano goes to Fuki Gotouda's and finds that she's dead[20].

Toshio is awaken by a call from Tae Yano[21]. Toshio goes there and examines her body[22].

22nd - Monday, Butsumetsu

While Natsuno is writing, he feels someone watching him through the window.

23rd - Tuesday, Taian

Nao Yasumori goes to the clinic feeling tired because her mother-in-law told her to. Ozaki tells her he would like to reexamine her in three days and if she feels worse to come back tomorrow.

24th - Wednesday, Shakkou

25th - Thursday, Senshou

26th - Friday, Tomobiki

Mikiyasu Yasumori brings in a very ill Nao. Ozaki begins questioning Mikiyasu about when he started noticing Nao's decline in health as well as any contact with other people. Mikiyasu mentions several days ago he and his wife, son, and sister met Chizuru and Seishirou Kirishiki when they were celebrating Bon, the festival of the departed and Junko invites them over. Ozaki finds this information unreliable and lies to his childhood friend that his wife would be alright even though Ozaki knows that isn't the case.

That night, Seishin meets Sunako and is surprised that she has read all of his work and is incredibly shocked that she knows that he once tried to commit suicide by cutting his wrist.

27th - Saturday, (Senbu)

28th - Sunday, Butsumetsu

Nao Yasumori's funeral.

That night Masao goes to tell Tooru about Nao's death and gets into an argument with Natsuno. The argument made Natsuno realize Megumi may have rose from the grave and decided to sleep at Toro's. Tooru leaves his house to get something at a vending machine where he meets Tatsumi. After he helped Tooru get his coin from under the machine, Tatsumi gets invited to his house along with a friend.

29th - Monday, Taian

30th - Tuesday, (Shakkou)

31st - Wednesday, (Senshou)


1st - Thursday, Tomobiki

2nd - Friday, (Senbu)

3rd - Saturday, (Butsumetsu)

4th - Sunday, (Taian)

5th - Monday, (Shakkou)

6th - Tuesday

7th - Wednesday, Senbu

Susumu Yasumori goes into cardiac arrest and both he and his father are taken to a hospital.

8th - Thursday

9th - Friday

10th - Saturday

Mikiyasu passes away in a hospital, becoming the 19th person to die in Sotoba.

11th - Sunday

12th - Monday, Tomobiki

13th - Tuesday, Senbu

14th - Wednesday, (Butsumetsu)

15th - Thursday, Taian

16th - Friday, Shakkou

Natsuno asks Aoi where Tohru is. She tells him he's playing hooky.

17th - Saturday, Senshou

Ozaki heads to the Mutou residence to answer a call only to find out that Tohru is dead to Natsuno's shock who arrives around the same time. Later in the evening, Natsuno receives Megumi's postcard which he later tears into several pieces. Meanwhile, Munetaka Murasako takes his son, Hiromi, to the clinic. After getting yelled at by his father and brother, Masao runs off to Tohru's funeral which he was later kicked out of. As he returns home, he is attacked by Yuzuki.

18th - Sunday, Tomobiki

19th - Monday, Senbu

Hiromi Murasako passed away.

20th - Tuesday, Butsumetsu

21st - Wednesday, Taian

Masao Murasako passed away. Natsuno watches some horror movies and learns about Okiyagari.

22nd - Thursday, Shakkou

Nation goes to the library to find out about anything on vampires and goes to the temple to find a book Seishin checked out.

Yoshhide Katou passed away in the night.

23rd - Friday, Senshou

Itou Ikumi voices her opinion.

Gyouda Etsuko visits the clinic and receives blood transfusion.

Takano Fujiyo calls the clinic to inform them of her resignation due to her fear of dying.

24th - Saturday, Tomobiki

Ozaki checks on Etsuko.

Motoko Maeda timidly suggests to her father-in-law, Iwao Maeda, that he should go see the doctor but he refused.

25th - Sunday, Senbu

Osaka calls Etsuko's husband, Bungo, asking why Etsuko hasn't come to the clinic.

26th - Monday, Butsumetsu

Nation starts making crosses but thinks it wouldn't work like in the movies.

27th - Tuesday, Taian

Iwao Maeda and Etsuko Gyouda pass away.

Natsuno meets with Ozaki, asking if he knew for sure that Megumi Shimizu was dead which made Ozaki realize that vampires maybe involved.

Later in the evening, Kaori and Akira watch the Kanemasa mansion for anything suspicious unaware that Tatsumi is watching them.

28th - Wednesday, Shakkou

29th - Thursday, Senshou

Tokujirou Yasumori brings his wife, Setsuko Yasumori, to the clinic.

30th - Friday, Tomobiki



1st - Saturday, Senbu

2nd - Sunday, Butsumetsu

3rd - Monday, Taian

4th - Tuesday, Shakkou

5th - Wednesday, Senbu

6th - Thursday, Butsumetsu

7th - Friday, Taian

8th - Saturday, Shakkou

9th - Sunday, (Senshou)

10th - Monday, Tomobiki

11th - Tuesday, Senbu

12th - Wednesday, Butsumetsu 

13th - Thursday, Taian

Tokujirou Yasumori died.[23]

14th - Friday, Shakkou

15th - Saturday, Senbu

16th - Sunday, Tomobiki

17th - Monday, Senbu

18th - Tuesday, Butsumetsu

19th - Wednesday, Taian

20th - Thursday, Shakkou

21st - Friday, Senshou

Motoko calls the Sotoba Funeral Home to pick up her mother-in-law's body.

22nd - Saturday, Tomobiki

23rd - Sunday, Senbu

24th - Monday, Butsumetsu

25th - Tuesday, (Taian)

26th - Wednesday, (Shakkou)

27th - Thursday, Senshou

28th - Friday, Tomobiki

29th - Saturday, Senbu

30th - Sunday, Butsumetsu

31st - Monday, (Taian)


1st - Tuesday, (Shakkou)

2nd - Wednesday, Senshou

3rd - Thursday, Butsumetsu

4th - Friday, Taian

5th - Saturday, Shakkou

6th - Sunday, Senshou

Masao attempts to escape from the village, but gets captured by Yoshie.[24]

7th - Monday, Tomobiki

Megumi tries to escape to the city but gets caught and tortured. She says how much she hates the village and how she wishes she hadn't been born in a village like Sotoba, she then gets staked. The village begins to burn uncontrollably and the fire is spreading quickly. Natsuno and Tatsumi have a fight and end up falling into the hell-hole. Natsuno then takes out dynamite and kills both himself and Tatsumi. Tomio tries to kill Sunako but Seishin saves her and kills him.

8th - Tuesday, Senbu

Seishirou also commits suicide by stepping into the burning mansion and not escaping. The villagers realise they can't do anything about the fire spreading and escape it. The firefighters come to stop the fire. Kaori and Akira are safe and at the hospital with Kaori recovering from severe damage. Seishin and Sunako escape the village, heading to the city.




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