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Toshio Ozaki
Name Kanji ()(ざき) (とし)() Ozaki Toshio
Race Human
Age 32
Status Alive
Gender Male
Personal Status
Occupation Doctor and director of Ozaki Clinic
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyū Tooru Ookawa
Voice Actor David Wald
"This is my clinic, understand!? I'm not going to let you in so just give up! Get out of here! Go!"
―Toshio to Nao[src]


Many aspects of his personality are what might be expected from a doctor. He cares greatly for his patients and would do everything he can to save them. This is shown when as he becomes increasingly distressed when he failed to save his patients. He always puts his patients' lives above all else, as he would use drastic measures to save them. He doesn't do it for the Ozaki family name or for money.

He is serious and reliable during his work, though he can be cranky and sarcastic. He is also friendly and kind to his friends, young people, and children in the village. However, he can also be extremely cunning, intuitive, fearless, and daring; especially when planning how to eradicate the shiki. He carefully approaches the supernatural rationally and with logic. This is evident when Ikumi confronted him with most of the villagers on her claim that the existence of the shiki is the cause of all the recent deaths, he denied any of her claims as he didn't have proof of the shiki. At the beginning of the series, when he continued to fail in saving his patients, he became more frustrated and agitated to the point where he would lashed out at people, friends or patients, something which he usually doesn't do.

After failing to save Setsuko from the shiki, he becomes more determine to put an end to the shiki, even going as far as experimenting on his wife, who had just turned into a shiki, in order to learn how to kill them. During the shiki extermination, he displayed qualities of leadership. As noted from Seishin Muroi, during their childhood days, Toshio was very rebellious and he still is, though he has toned down as he matures.


Toshio playing with Seishin and Mikiyasu

As a child, Toshio played in the clinic with Seishin Muroi. When he was young, he never liked to lose. He wasn't the sort that would want to be an underling of the older children, so he and Seishin would always play together. This worked out well because Seishin was shy and Toshio could be in charge. Mikiyasu Yasumori, who was four years younger, would always follow them along. His father pressured him to become a doctor.


Seishin and he were both pressured to take over their family business. Though Toshio knew his duty since he was young, Seishin tried to deny it.

While in university in town, he worked part-time at the cafe of an antique shop. This is where he met his wife, who was the daughter of the owner. She became interested in him when she learned that he was inheriting a clinic and was in medical school. After this, they began to talk more frequently.

After graduating, he worked at the town hospital and he and Kyouko began dating.

Three years before the start of the show, Toshio's father's death forced him to return to the village. He had to intention to returning to the village before this.

On August 12th, Megumi is found be villagers. She can stand and the villagers call Toshio Ozaki.

Toshio goes to Megumi's house where her parents thank him for coming all the way there. He finds that there isn't anything wrong with her physically. She won't eat anything. She doesn't have a fever, just some insect bites. She is found to be anemic. He says that he is going to draw some blood. Her parents are both relieved. Mugumi says that she's very sleepy. She can only remember being welcomed by Tatsumi and Seishirou Kirishiki.

After the murder of Setsuko Yasumori, Toshio could never forgive the shiki and decided to drive them out of town.

September 30

Toshio and Seishin meet outside of the clinic. Toshio apologizes for the other day. Seishin says to just forget it.

Seishin says that Ishida went missing, as with all the death certificates. Toshio doesn't react really, and Seishin says that he must not understand what he's saying. This means that they can't call for assistance.

Toshio says that it doesn't matter because there isn't an epidemic. Toshio asks if he remembers the essay that wrote that said the village was surrounded by death. He doesn't think that he was too far off. He believes there's something closing in on the village. He believes he knows what's been causing all the deaths.

It begins with anemia, pale skin, lethargy, cold sweats, perceptible pulse resulting in multiple organ failure. They all had what seemed to be insect bites. They weren't insect bites, though, they were from okiagari.

Seishin says that he must be joking, but he says he isn't. He says it's one thing to just die, another thing that it makes them quit their job and move. He says they must use some sort of hypnosis so the death rate in the village won't go up.

He says from now on he'll operate based on the idea that they exist. He has Setsuko at the clinic and will be watching at night, when they're likely to come. He want to capture one and wants Seishin to help. He says he needs some time to think about it.

October 14th

Kyouko shows signs of rising

Five days after his wife died, Toshio is exhausted from the constant stress of keeping the body of his dead wife a secret. Finally she shows signs of beginning to rise.

October 17

Toshio feels out the men at Creole

At Creole, Toshio tries to feel out what Hirosawa, Masaki Tashiro, Hasegawa think about what has been happening with other villagers and all of the deaths. He asks if they remember what Ikumi said about the Kirishikis, and that he can prove that she wasn't wrong if they dig up Nao's grave. As he says this, everyone is very uncomfortable. After mentioning Nao's grave, Hirosawa becomes infuriated and says that he's crazy. He refuses to listen to anything else and leaves.

Toshio begs the other two for help because he can't do it himself. Masaki says that he's just tired and says that his ideas sounds delusional. They change the subject and Toshio becomes angry as he realizes that they will continue to ignore what's happening. Hasegawa says that monsters aren't real and that it's just an epidemic. As outsiders realize what's happening they'll send help. Toshio leaves.

Toshio comes to find that no one is at the office but Takafumi Hirosawa. He leaves and rests along the river. he returns to the office to discover that it's now bustling. He asks for Ishida but he apparently has gone missing and his replacement asks if he could help instead. Toshio says that he needs to know that death count in the village. He says that there have been none. Toshio realizes that they're all okiagari. He says that he's lying and that he has proof that Susumu and Mikiyasu Yasumori both died out of town. The shiki says that they both submitted their moving registration before they died, so it still remains at zero.

Toshio still has certificates and threatens to expose what they're doing. As he's says this, Chizuru interrupts him. She tells him that if he causes any more trouble, he'll be killed. She also promises to visit him soon.

Toshio attends his wife's wake. When Seishin arrives, they do not speak.

October 24

Natsuno and Toshio plan to kill the shiki. Natsuno tells him to include him as well. Toshio is shocked, but doesn't disagree.

October 29th

Tae begins to show symptoms and her daughter brings her into the clinic. when his daughter asks if there is an epidemic going around, he says there isn't.

As Toshio sits outside, Ritsuko comes to ask what he meant when he said there wasn't an epidemic. Ritsuko begins asking something else, but stops herself and excuses herself.

November 4th

At 11 o'clock at the Ozaki Clinic, he hears a gunshot. Seishirou Kirishiki shot the projector that projected that crisscross patterns. Seishirou, holding a gun, tells him not to move. Chizuru Kirishiki is also with him.

Seishirou tells Toshio to raise his hands. He knows that he can't do anything to a human with a gun and instead runs to the phone. Chizuru warns him that even if he calls the police, only Sasaki could come. Instead, he calls Miwako Muroi and asks for Seishin Muroi. Upset, she tells him that she can't find him anywhere.

Chizuru starts snickering and Toshio asks is she's captured him, but she says that he went to their home on his own. He slams the phone on the floor and realizes that he must have surrendered himself to the shiki.

Chizuru says that he must be shocked and asks if he'll forgive him. He says that that's obserd. His choice was stupid but he made it because that's who he is. That it was much better than not making any choice at all, like most of the other villagers. He says the villagers know, but they pretend not to notice and just hope that someone else will do something. He says that he's tired of it.

She asks if she can bite him, and he says to do whatever she wants. She tells him to destroy all the data he has on them, to correct all the records in medical cards so that they state no one had died in the village, and that afterwards he will surrender himself to them. He accepts.

On a blood drip hours later, he fights off the effects of Chizuru Kirishiki's bite as Natsuno Koide bit him first. Natsuno told him previously to keep his free will.

November 5th

Toshio burns the medical records. Takae Ozaki runs out to ask what he's doing, as there's a fire warning as the air's dry. Realizing what he's doing, she demands to know what he's doing. He keeps burning them and says that they're wrong anyway.

Toshio shows Chizuru Kirishiki the new records as she happily listens to the flute music from the festival. She is happy with his work and says that Sunako will be happy too.

She wishes out loud that all the villagers were shiki already so she would walk freely in the village, shopping and chatting on the way, playing house. He asks if that's what they want. She says yes, that they want a safe headquarters and that they'll have it soon. He asks if it's really going so smoothly and she says that the next step will be the hardest, but since they now have his cooperation, there shouldn't be any more problems.

Toshio says they should go out on a date. She's shocked and asks him to repeat himself. He says they he'll be dead soon enough and asks to indulge himself before the end, and that she should come along, as she's interested in the festival. She says she is but since it's religious she can't. He says they can just not go to the main place of celebration, and that it'll be fun. She agrees and says that it's boring to hide all the time anyway.

He bandages her hand so it doesn't look suspicious to walk together without reason. He tells her to say that she was peeling a taro potato and that the knife slipped, cutting the base of her thumb.

She happily thinks of before she became a shiki and she cut herself peeling one. She tells Toshio that she was married, but her husband didn't stay with her long enough to have any children, and then he went and died in a battle in the south. She wonders if she could actually want to be human, as she thought she'd forgotten such things. Then, she excitedly says they should get going.

At 7pm, Kazuko Ookawa is outside putting sake out for the festival. She notices them walking through the street happily, as do some other villagers. They both greet her and Toshio introduces Chizuru. They tell her the made up story and Kazuko laughs. She was worried that she'd be strange. She asks about her health, since she can't go into the sunlight. They have a nice conversation and she thinks that she is a cutie. Atsushi Ookawa and Seishirou Kirishiki watch from a distance.

As she went along, many people had conversations with her that put their minds at ease.

As they get closer and closer to the main area of the festival, she becomes more and more uncomfortable. He asks her to keep going and she agrees as he holds her hand, causing her to blush. She says not to force her to, though, but she realizes that he couldn't anyway.

As they cross the bridge, Munehide Murasako greets them and explains the situation. He tells him that it seems that she isn't feeling that well. She suggests that they turns back, though it seems fun and says she'll go on a little more. Toshio asks him to stand by her other side, since it's so crowded.

Takeo Shimizu, Hiroko Shimizu, Hirosawa, Masaki Tashiro, and Sadaichi Tamo greet them as they cross the bridge. Sadaichi says that they should check out the kagura, as do other villagers.

Chizuru is extremely uncomfortable now and feels terrified. She turns to leave but Toshio grabs her arm. He tells her to rest at the temple, but she refuses and says she's going home as an order. However, instead of letting her go, the doctor asks Takeo Shimizu to help him bring Chizuru to the shrine office, who agrees but is shocked by how cold the woman feels.

Chizuru again orders Toshio to take her back but he again ignores her and tells others that they must get her to the shrine quickly. While struggling, Toshio reveals that he has another bite mark on his arm, and Chizuru realizes that she didn't have total control over him, and that he tricked her. She tried to get away from him, but as she does so, Takeo recognizes her perfume as what he smelled in Megumi's room. Toshio whispers to him not to let her escape as she's a Risen, and the one who killed his daughter.

Takeo grabs Chizuru's hair and pulls her back and Toshio yells to check her pulse, as they might have to call a ambulance. Takeo checks, but realizes there isn't one. People are gathering around and he yells that she killed her daughter. Tomio Ookawa says that's crazy, but he yells that she has no pulse. Tomio grabs her arm and confirms what he said and they she's cold. Hiroko tries to listen to her heartbeat and there isn't one. More and more people swarm her and start to question what she is.

As Toshio happily smiles to himself, he hears Atsushi Ookawa and Seishirou Kirishiki drive up in their car. Atsushi yells to let go of her and drives the car into the crowd. Tomio stops the car with his hands and the villagers realize that Atsushi, who died a few days ago, has come back to life as well. Atsushi turns the car around as he realizes that he can't beat his father.

Realizing what she is, the villagers start throwing rocks at her as she tries to escape. Someone hits her in the head. They think she's dead, but Toshio explains that they have to be staked to die.

Chizuru tries to bite him but Tomio slams her head back down and Takeo Shimizu stakes her to death.

Toshio explains the shiki and the villagers realize how many of their family member had died. He says that they must kill them. Although some protest, they realize that they must and most of the villagers begin to hunt them down.


Toshio has tan skin, brown eyes and messy brown hair, and has a facial stubble. He is always seen wearing a white lab coat over a T-shirt and blue pants. As the deaths of Sotoba kept increasing, his appearance becomes haggard and strained with tired eyes due to him working non-stop in finding a way to stop the shikis. After being targeted as prey by Chizuru (also Natsuno). His tan fades and his skin is bright white. His tan returns later on in the series.


He is one of the two main protagonists in the series. The dean of the hospital in Sotoba, Toshio resigned from university hospital, returning to take up his father's position when he died. He is fondly given a nickname, "Waka-sensei" (young doctor), by his colleagues as well as the residents. Toshio dislikes both his mother and his late father, as both of them often put reputation of the Ozaki family before anything else. He is childhood friends with Seishin Muroi and Mikiyasu Yasumori. Toshio is 32 years old and married to a woman, Kyouko, whom he rarely sees. He is a chain smoker.

He is the first to make a bold decision to hunt the shiki. His hard faced determination leads him to a truly human depth that is un-layered throughout the series, as he tries to rationalize what is moral and what is not when handling the sentient, emotionally equivalent, shiki and their human pawns.

Battle Against the Shiki

He is baffled by the mysterious deaths and swears to solve the case and protect his village. He is one of the first people to discover the existence of the shiki and later becomes the leader of the resistance against them. He exposes Chizuru as a shiki in front of many of the villagers. He also participates in the extermination of the village and survives the attempts on his life.

The End

In the final episode, he is among the last to escape the fires that ultimately consume Sotoba.



"I'm yelling instead of listening, just like him..."

Toshio did not seem to have a good relationship with his father. Since he was young, his father pressured him into becoming a doctor, as he was the only Ozaki child. [1] He also worries that he is becoming like his father.

Kyouko Ozaki

"Kyouko... Forgive me..."
―Toshio to Kyouko[src]

Kyouko is the wife of Toshio. It's revealed in the manga that Toshio didn't really care for her. When he was working part time out of town, he met her. Her father owned the store where he worked. Once she found out that he was going to medical school and inheriting the hospital, she started to show more interest in him. He didn't truly like her either, though, and thinks that he probably did it so he wouldn't have to marry a girl that his parents chose for him.[2] As he waits for his wife to either awaken or die, he says that he doesn't feel bad that he's going to lose her. Though he feels this way, he doesn't seem to hate her and asks her to forgive him.

Takae Ozaki

"This woman finally played for her foolishness with her life."
―Toshio about his mother[src]

Toshio resented his mother. When she died, he didn't seemed to be upset and said it was her fault. [3]

Seishin Muroi

"This is my justice! Where's yours!?"
―Toshio to Seishin[src]

Toshio and Seishin were friends since they were children. Both of them were pressured into continuing their family business. [4]

Family Tree






Anime Appearances

  1. You are the Ozaki heir. You understand, don't you? (Sixth Skull)
  2. I can't remember at all... Why I chose Kyouko as my wife. I can remember us dating up until the wedding. The first time we met, it was at my part-time job. While I was a student at the iniversity in town, I worked at the cafe of an antique shop. Kyouko was the owners daughter. When kyouko learned that I was a medical student and on top of that, inheriting a hospital, she started to talk to me more frequently. After graduating university, I worked at the town hospital and we started dating, but from that time onward there's nothing. That's probably all there was to it. (Volume 6, Chapter 20
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  4. We are not tools to carry on our family name! We are individuals with free will! Therefore, we have the right to live our life as we please! -Seishin to Toshio (Volume 6, Chapter 20)


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