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Twelfth Decay
Name Kanji 第悼と腐堕話

Dai tō to futa wa

Opening Calendula Requiem
Ending Gekka Reijin
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Tuesday, October 6, Butsumetsu

Yoshikazu Tanaka ponders how strange it is that he is the only one who works at the municipal office during the day anymore.

Kaori and Akira meet up with Natsuno who shows them the bite marks on his neck and tells them to leave the village, fearing that they would get attacked, but Akira and Kaori refuse. Realizing that they won't listen, Natsuno tells them to stay away from him, saying that the next time they see him he won't be his own self anymore.

That night, Tohru shows up at Natsuno's house, hesitating to attack him. Natsuno confronts him and questions on why they can't coexist, and proposes that Tohru leave the village with him. Tohru tells him that the hunger is unbearable and he can't take it. An aside shows Sunako expounding on the nature of the shiki,

"It's our nature as shiki to hunt people. They're our natural enemies. They have to be, because if we don't attack them, then we die. ...but it happens; a horrible hunger comes upon us; a hunger so painful no human can understand it. It's something no one could bear for long, and so, soon enough, killing becomes natural to us. "
―Sunako Kirishiki[src]

Natsuno then moves to stake him, but immediately stops, realizing he can't kill his friend, and then offers to allow him to suck his blood. Tohru refuses but seeing as he can't resist the massive thirst, attacks Natsuno.

Wednesday, October 7, Taian

The shiki are living in the village district of Yamairi, which is secluded up in the hills. Tatsumi orders Megumi to attack Yoshikazu, who is Kaori's father.

Natsuno's father encounters Seishirou Kirishiki, who tells him that he believes nothing is wrong with the village. Meanwhile Natsuno grows weaker and weaker with anemia, with the frequent visitation of Kaori and Akira who put up protective charms and seals around Natsuno's room. After taking down the seals, Natsuno's father is convinced that the village is evil and forbids Kaori and Akira from seeing Natsuno, saying that he'll take care of Natsuno in their place. After they leave he throws the talismans away. Later, Kaori and Akira's father encounters Megumi as she prepares to bite him. Natsuno's father opens up a window and tells Natsuno that he'll check up on him later and leaves. Outside Natsuno's window, Tohru is seen waiting to attack Natsuno.

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