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Twentieth Mourning
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Name Kanji (だい)()()() Dai Ichi Wa
Opening Calendula Requiem
Ending Gekka Reijin
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Sunday, November 6, Senshou

As morning hits the village, the villagers rampage through the buildings and hunt sleeping shiki. Yasuyuki is discovered, asleep, and staked, followed by several others. The villagers discover that the shiki have killed Dr. Ozaki's mother Takae as revenge. They follow some bloody footsteps to find Atsushi, asleep. Atsushi's is staked by his father Tomio.

The villagers put the dead shiki into a pit. Dr. Ozaki explains that there should be a lot more shiki around. The villagers guess that the shiki must be hiding in the underground irrigation pipeline. The villagers make a raid upon the remaining shiki in the pipeline. They drag shiki out from the pipeline to stake them in the heart. Suddenly Seishirou begins to shoot at the villagers, killing Mr. Tamo. Natsuno talks to Seishirou, stopping him from further shooting.

Meanwhile, Tatsumi tells Sunako that the battle is lost, and that they should flee. He then feeds on Seishin, without killing. Tooru tries to convince Ritsuko to feed on nurse Yasuyo, but Ritsuko refuses to kill - it is against her nature. Tooru releases Yasuyo who flees through the woods.

Oitarou reports that some living villagers were attacking other villagers. Dr. Ozaki explains that they were under shiki control after being hypnotized.

Monday, November 7, Tomobiki

Upon hearing about the shiki killings, Sunako grows scared. She feels that she won't be saved because she killed people. As day comes and light streams through, Ritsuko and Tooru hold onto each other. Matsu, hypnotized by shiki, walks up to the villager group with a pistol and shoots at them, killing Atsuko. Tomio kills him, to Ozaki's shock.

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