Twentieth Mourning and Offense

Twentieth Mourning and Offense
Name Kanji (だい)腐汰悼と犯() Dai futatō to han wa
Opening Calendula Requiem
Ending Moonlight Beauty
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In the future, a human Nao talks to Chiyomi Hasegawa and Hasegawa at their coffee shop. She happily tells them about her family and how happy that make her.

Sunday, November 6, Senshou

In the present on November 6th, a now shiki Nao tries to escape the humans with other shiki by hiding in the pipeline.

The villagers group in front of the pipeline. Sadafumi Tamo leads a group of villagers, such as Hasegawa and Munetaka Murasako.

As they venture into the pipeline, they find Yuzuki, Shuuji Gotouda and other shiki. Though the other villagers are initially unprepared to kill the shiki, Sadafumi has no problems due to his hatred and despair out of the loss of his father and the rest of the villagers eventually begin helping as well.

From deeper down the pipeline, Nao overhears the other shiki screaming. She says that they sound like they're having fun believing the laughter is from other shikis, but another shiki tells her that there's something wrong.

The villagers drag the dead shiki's bodies outside. Sadafumi tells the others that one group of men will do the killing, the other will drag them out and the women will load them on the trucks.

Chiyomi asks her husband if he's alright. He is reluctant, but she says that they have no choice and they just have to do their best. He agrees and she runs off to join the other women.

The villagers continue deeper and deeper into the pipes. A group of shiki that includes Nao and Ebuchi listen to their cries and they continue to flee into the pipes.

The villagers are becoming too comfortable killing shiki. They begin to enjoy killing shiki that they didn't like in real life.

Ebuchi plans to destroy their light source so they can escape. He knocks a light off a man's head and then bites him. The rest of the shiki also attack the others. Sasaki tries to bite Hasegawa, but he keeps him at bay with a cross. Though the shiki do manage to bite some villagers, most of the shiki end up getting killed including Dr. Ebuchi. Nao stares at Hasegawa before fleeing deeper into the pipe. The two villagers that were bitten are killed by the others, though they would have recovered.

The villagers load bodies onto the truck. Hasegawa is greeted by his wife. She asks if he wants to go home, but he refuses because he knows how the other villagers will feel about that. He tells her that he can't believe what's going on and that it's all so disgusting.

As Nao tries to escape with other shiki, she begins to hallucinate every one of her family members that she killed. They hit a dead end and now have nowhere to go. The begin to hear the villagers singing.

Nao realizes that what is happening is punishment for what she's done. Takatoshi Hirosawa tries to comfort her, but she won't listen. The humans are getting closer and closer. Sasaki can't go any farther forward and they begin to get pulled out one by one until finally they are all pulled out. Afterwards, Nao has suffered from depression while getting dragged second last.

In an end of flashback, Nao apologizes to Chiyomi and Hasegawa for babbling. She asks about their family and they say that their son died. They moved to town to start anew. She feels awful for being insensitive and asks if they could forgive her. Later that day, Chiyomi complains about Nao's insensitivity. Hasegawa tells her that it isn't fair to say that. She realizes that he's right and apologizes. He says that he's sure she's had her hardships too.

Monday, November 7, Tomobiki

To kill the shiki, they are tied up and stakes to the ground so they will burn in the sunlight, as they are all asleep. As the sun comes out, they scream in pain and try to break free. Hasegawa feels pity and takes a stake and kills them one by one to end their suffering. Nao smiles at him before he stakes her last. Finally he collapses and cries as his wife runs over and embraces him.

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