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Twenty-First Blood and Offense
Name Kanji 第腐汰悼遺血と犯話
Opening Calendula Requiem
Ending Gekka Reijin
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Time rewinds back to July 18th, with Motoko Maeda telling her children, Shihori and Shigeki not to play by the highway. She is then seen running beside the bus Megumi Shimizu and Natsuno Koide are on before arriving at Chigusa, the restaurant Kanami Yano owns, where Hiroko Shimizu and Sachiko Tanaka are seen. Motoko tells them how she's worried about her kids, and the three other women assure her that they'll be fine. After August 9th, when the Kirishiki's arrive, Kanami informs Motoko about people moving in. Soon after, Megumi dies, followed by the series of deaths of other villagers.

When Motoko asks her father, Iwao Maeda if he should go to the hospital, Tomiko Maeda comes and says that she hates how Motoko makes a fuss about such little things. On September 27th, Iwao died, and Toshio Ozaki suggests to do an autopsy to find out about the sudden death, which Tomiko immediately refuses. She then tries to pay for a death certificate, and Toshio yells at her that things don't go that way. When he states that it would have been better if Iwao saw a doctor before dying, Tomiko turns to Motoko and slaps her before proceeding to cry in the arms of her son, Isami Maeda. Motoko leaves the room to join her children outside, telling them they should stay away from their grandfather's room for a while.

Isami becomes sick on October 5th and Toshio comes to check on him. Motoko calls Kanami, and when the latter comes, Motoko's facial appearance seems crazed as she proceeds to tell Kanami how she heard there was an epidemic and it started when the outsiders came. She's deeply worried about her children and embraces them both when she gets to their room. In the morning of October 11th, when she goes to wake her children, she sees Shihori in the same state as her husband before and rushes to the hospital, only to find it closed for the day because the doctor's wife is ill. Yoshie then directs her to the the hospital run by Kanemasa's doctor, only to find it isn't open until the evening. While she's desperately crying for the doors to open, she attracts attention and soon, Tomiko arrives and scolds her for Motoko's behavior.

Motoko goes out one day and asks Tomiko to watch her daughter, but the latter only ends up dozing off while Shihori dies. Then Tomiko dies and Motoko calls the Sotoba Funeral home to take care of things. After the funeral, she hears about how someone saw Iwao around, and Motoko blames him for taking her family from her. She takes Shigeki, who has bite marks on his leg, and locks herself with her child in the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Kanami suggests to check on Motoko and finds her mother in a dazed state. Kanami's mother dies, but returns to her home a few days later.

When the villagers arrive to warn Kanami and Motoko about the hunt, Motoko is seen with the decaying body of Shigeki in her arms.

Motoko goes to Kanami's house and tells her friend that her son "melted", blaming her father-in-law yet again. She ends up seeing Kanami's mother while in her friend's house, and Kanami asks her to please not tell anyone. Motoko ends up giving away the secret, and the villagers go to hunt down Kanami's mother.

Motoko is seen all over the place, continuing to curse Iwao. She chants her curses as if hypnotized, and brings oil with her onto a hill with a small house. She takes her dress off, drenches it in oil, and lights the place on fire, stating that she "won" as the flames began to engulf everything.

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