Twenty-First Slaughter

Twenty-First Slaughter
Name Kanji (だい)()()(とう)()()() Dai futatō to hito wa
Opening Calendula Requiem
Ending Gekka Reijin
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Chizuko Murasako is her cheerful self as she helps the women dispose of bodies. Nurse Yasuyo has been released by Tohru from the shiki hut in Yamairi. She is chased by dogs as she flees through the woods.

Monday, November 7, Tomobiki

With dawn approaching, Sunako fears for her life. The villagers have surrounded Kanemasa, cutting off their escape.

Masao Murasako, needing a place to hide before daybreak, goes home, hoping one of his family members will save him. Chizuko is home, and lets him in. Then she disposes of him like she's done with all the other shiki.

Yoshie leads a group of shiki who target villagers. They bite them, then use hypnosis to send them to attack other villagers. She meets Seishirou, who shoots her in the head. He is under hypnosis now, having been bitten by Natsuno.

Yasuyo has escaped the dogs, and meets up with the villagers. She tells them of the huts in Yamairi. The villagers head there and slaughter everyone, including Nurse Ritsuko and Tohru. Seeing them, Masaki Tashiro breaks down, vomiting. Tomio Ookawa discovers the head monk Shinmei Muroi. He is now a shiki, but is still paralyzed.

Tatsumi comes up with a plan. He drives off from Kanemasa as a decoy so that Seishin can escape up the mountain road with Sunako hidden in a suitcase. This is unsuccessful, because the villagers have guarded the road up the mountain as well, so Seishin drives to the temple where he lived and hides away. The pursuing mob confront Seishin's mother Miwako, Katsue, and Mitsuo, demanding to know where Seishin is hiding. The temple workers don't have an answer, and are swiftly murdered. Seishin hears the melee, and is horrified upon discovering the bodies. He fights with one of the villagers and is slashed in the belly. Bleeding profusely, he flees into the woods, hauling the suitcase with Sunako inside.

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