What is interesting about the series title?

       Shiki = Corpse Demon

       The title is interesting before I watched the television series of Shiki, I wanted to learn more about this show by reading some reviews or read the story plot first for the first time before watching. While watching the anime, I remember a user from YouTube told be Shiki was one of the top anime shows for the dark and scary side of humans. The first few episodes was a kill-off of the characters which shows the events of Megumi and the villagers death.

Shiki was an interesting anime show giving me the self awareness about what all the titles of the episodes. The name of the television series Shiki is related to the main character Sunako, Kirishiki and as I come to notice that she is not only just a girl but I have learned so many facts about Sunako. While, as for the supporting and main character of the television series like Yuuki Natsuno.

Also I have finished the television series Shiki and there is so many questions to be answered that, we all see for and I comprehend as community for the Shiki television series we can find answers by doing a discussion about the manga, and television series. 

One that caught my eye is that the show is super dark, messed up, and perfect genre for the horror anime show I have ever watched. Out of the many characters Megumi was my least favorite character for one reason, she could had taken some risks or put in effort if she just came up to Yuuki, and show how much she feels about him. Considering she has love for him while, Yuuki his only friend who is dear and close to him. Yet, he is willing to fight for what is wrong, and right taking some risks is not bad because other anime shows like Shiki is all about we must learn to take action by taking risks, being honest by opening up to other people. 

An episode before Megumi died, I have noticed she dreamed of a house where, she can happily live forever in peace with people who shares the same dream. Which was nice but there could been some risks where, Megumi should have take action if she wanted to reach her dream yet, it will take some thought before she leaves.

The anime is all about, eating away your fears, love, dreams, the memories you made. These characters shows on what they are going through is trying to take risks, open up for themselves, being honest, everyone else's purpose of life, and the holidays.

Spring, summer, fall, winter as the all four seasons every year try to take fun seriously in life. Never let your dreams, desires, and secrets eat them away. Because everyone else needs to take control of their own life for one reason, their purpose of life is the reason they are given birth from the one person called mom gave life to her newborn. The more you age, never forget the memories you made in your entire life.

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