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Yamairi was a very small and isolated village north of Sotoba, and was classed as a district of Sotoba. It was inhabited by very few residents. Mieko, Gigorou and Hidemasa lived in Yamairi until they were all killed by Shiki.

With no humans remaining, the Shiki made it their home base. Tatsumi blew up the road to Yamairi so it could be further isolated. They set up huts in which they placed bodies of the dead, waiting for them to rise as shiki or decompose. Newly risen shiki were not allowed to leave unless they killed a human.

The villagers discovered that Yamairi was the shikis' nest after Yasuyo Hashiguchi escaped from there. Toshio and the rest of the villagers invaded Yamairi and killed all of the Shiki. The fire that burnt Sotoba and the forest down was started in Yamairi by Motoko Maeda, and Yamairi was destroyed by it.