Буфер обмена-229

Yamairi was a very small and isolated village north of Sotoba. It was inhabited by a very few residents and was considered to be Sotoba's district. Mieko, Gigorou and Hidemasa lived in Yamairi until they were all killed by Shiki. After their bodies were discovered, Yamairi was abandoned by humans, and Shiki used it as their hideout since no one would expect for them to be hiding there. Tatsumi blew up the road to Yamairi so it could be further isolated. Eventually, the villagers discovered that Yamairi is the shikis' nest due to Yasuyo Hashiguchi escaping from there and informing them of that. Toshio and the rest of the villagers invade Yamairi and kill all of the Shiki. The fire that burnt Sotoba and the forest down was started in Yamairi by Motoko Maeda and Yamairi was destroyed by it.

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